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Rare Full Super Blood Wolf Moon
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A haunting and mysterious event will take over our celestial ceiling this coming weekend, January 21-22, 2019. This occurrence is so magnificent that the metaphysical have embraced its supernatural power, offering an opportunity for those that believe to use its power.

Sky watchers will welcome the New Year with an exciting phenomenon: a rare Super Blood Wolf Moon that will coincide with a total lunar eclipse.

The Super Blood Wolf Moon

The Super Blood Moon, a phenomenon wherein the Moon appears particularly large and bright with a reddish glow, will be visible to the people across the Americas and parts of western Europe and Africa on January 20 and 21.

Credit: Path displayed by NASA (Fred Espenak and Scott Sutherland)  Tech Times. Com

The Blood Moon

The term “blood moon” comes from the red hue that the moon appears to have during a lunar eclipse. As the moon passes into the earth’s shadow during a lunar eclipse, the earth blocks almost all sunlight from hitting the moon. The only sunlight that gets through is first diffracted by the earth’s atmosphere, resulting in the red coloring.

The Wolf Moon

During a Super Moon, the larger appearance of the Moon is due to it being closer than usual to the Earth, making it look larger and brighter. When a full moon appears in the middle of winter it is called Wolf Moon. The name was given by Native American tribes as wolves howled when they hunted for food in the winter.

The Super Blood Wolf Moon ... What a rare and metaphysical way to start the New Year!

The Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse is also a rare one. It will as well be the first and last to occur across the winter skies of Northern America within the next three years. The same celestial event will again happen in May of 2022. Anticipation of what our lives will be like when this phenomenon repeats itself is as mysterious as the occurrence!

Specific Time of this Spectacle!

Let’s use the Eastern Standard Time and you then adjust. The total lunar eclipse will begin on Sunday, Jan. 20 at 11:41 p.m. EST and totality will last until 12:44 a.m. on Monday, Jan 21. The peak will occur at 12:16 a.m. EST on Jan. 21, according to Space.com.

The metaphysical power of the Rare Full Super Blood Wolf Moon   Credit: CrypticImages

Prepare Yourself! A Metaphysical and Magical Window will open!

During this time period there is said to be a pretty great Energy Shift. Why? Because many astrological phenomena happen at same time. Yin and Yang, the cosmic balance is about to be restored. It is not just another alignment for the spiritual energy that gathers in the Astral Realm exceeds the usual. You’ve probably have already felt its power, especially the light workers and empaths!

From a spiritual perspective, eclipses are a time of release and transformation when we’re asked to surrender what no longer serves us. As we’re thrust into the shadow of the moon, we’re also thrust into our own shadows, which aren’t always pretty. Our shadows are the parts of ourselves that we often feel ashamed of; they’re the darkness, the parts of psyches that we bury in the closet. As the Earth’s shadow is reflected onto the surface of the moon, our own shadows also find a way into the light.

Tips to get you through this Experience!

  1. Maintain a positive mindset as thoughts and beliefs will be rapidly manifesting – be aware of what you’re wishing for.
  2. Trust your intuition – Pay attention to the energy surrounding you.
  3. Stay grounded and take time alone.
  4. Walk away from drama
  5. Don’t allow other people’s negativity lower your vibration
  6. Don’t’ be afraid to let go and release attachments to anything or anyone that you cannot resonate with on a healthy frequency.

In Summary….

A major shift is taking place so get plenty of rest and remain open so that this Divine Cosmic energy can transform you! Trust the process.  This is the time to bask in our accomplishments and to recognize all the hard work we’ve put in, so take the time to embrace praise and confidence. Celebrate you!

Your soul already knows the plan.

No matter how you chose to celebrate, may the Super Blood Wolf Moon help you usher in your most magical year yet!

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