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Haunts of Terror expected on the Manson Murder’s 50th Anniversary
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The spirit of Manson Murders’ victim, Sharon Tate, remains restless, near her former earth-bound home and the site of her gruesome murder.

Could her ghostly energies escalate to an unbelievable level on the night of its 50th anniversary?  With all the surging activities expected on August 9th, 2019, it is very likely.  

This summer day marks the 50th anniversary of the Manson murders. Sharon Tate’s memory, the murders and mysteries of that one night will come alive on August 9th when many (including Hollywood) will have Charles Manson's dictated murders on their mind.  On this night, half a century ago, crazed disciples of cult leader Charles Manson killed actress Sharon Tate, her unborn child, and four others in her home in Los Angeles.

Coroner's office personnel wheel the body of film actress Sharon Tate from her home.,
August 9, 1969, after she and four others were found murdered.   Credit: OC Ghosts and Legends

Horrific Time Capsule to be Opened

Hollywood and many other stakeholders will resurrect this horrific time capsule into four independent films, with differing plots, prestige levels and delivery modes. All will recreate the milestones of that true crime, although none will connect directly with Sharon and the other victims.

One supernatural event will dare to push the envelope to do this.

Held less than 50 yards from the actual murder scene on Cielo Drive, on August 8th and 9th, this epic event will bring in the most talented psychics, mediums and ghost hunting talents to communicate with all the victim spirits..  With the thrust of this collective energy, expect a jolt! 

The Oman House sits a mere 147 feet from where the gruesome murder rituals occurred 50 years ago on August 9th, 1969.  Just as the world was in awe about American Astronauts’ landing on the moon for the very first time, a demonic plan was being executed to sacrifice lives in this iconic Hollywood estate.

Sharon Tate’s Prophetic Revelation

But this historic episode did not materialize minutes or even days before its horrific cultish execution. Sharon Tate discovered her prophetic gifts as she predicted this day many months prior. Deadline writes, "An actual quote from Tate, from an interview published a year before her death, wherein she reveals having dreams about ghosts haunting her house and foreseeing her own death at the hands of a satanic cult." 

The Original Property

Prior to the murders in 1969, the original property was rented by director Roman Polanski and his wife Sharon. Twenty five years after the gruesome incident occurred, it was demolished in 1994.  Later a new home was constructed in its place. To deflect the property’s brutal history, the house number was changed from 10050 to 10066 (yes, 66) Cielo Drive.  But the spirits don’t need addresses. They just need to feel welcomed.

Here arrives David Oman. In 2002, Oman moved into a nearby property’s newly constructed home eight years after the demolition.

The House on Hill

Almost twenty years ago, David Oman bought a vacant lot in Benedict Canyon, California, less than 50 wide steps from 10050 Cielo Drive.  

The House At the End of The Drive  -  2014 Film Documentary on the Oman House   Credit:  IMDb

Twenty years ago, David Oman moved in next door when he purchased a lot with a panoramic view of Beverly Hills. Little did he know, back then, that by building his home here he would unleash the most incredible supernatural energies ever documented.  It is said that this, combined with David’s abilities to welcome their souls, formed the portal to Sharon Tate and others' spirits.

Is the Oman House Haunted?

David Oman believes in ghosts. More specifically, he believes the victims of the Manson family are haunting his home.

Oman declares, the haunts and other supernatural activity on Oman’s property started almost immediately during construction. His contractors and workers all claimed to hear voices when no one else was there. Cold air would twirl upon the back of their necks on the warmest days. Across floor boards in empty rooms, disembodied heavy footsteps were heard. According to Oman, the building site “just had a bad vibe.”

Uninvited Guests Come to The Oman House

Oman House Sits on the Last Property of the Right on Cielo Drive    Ref:  MamaMia

Ready to unveil his property, Oman was preparing last minute fixings for his “House Warming” party. He heard a loud and persistent knocking at his front door. Wondering why anyone would come so early, he went to open the door and found no one there. The entire street was empty and dark. Not a single car in sight to show’s someone’s sudden departure. Or were they just there? Were they just (permanently) welcomed to David’s house?

The evening’s celebrations just kept getting more hauntingly impressionable. When his 50 guests arrived, one of his friends went to get a glass of wine. She saw someone walk quickly by outside the kitchen window. Unfortunately, that would be difficult to do. For you see, the edge of the hillside mansion sat 33 feet off the ground. There was no possibility for anyone to walk by unless they were on incredible stilts or …. floating.

In that same kitchen, a wine glass would later be thrown into the wall on its own, shattering. No one was in the room, said Oman.

In 2004, Oman was awakened by what was a full-bodied apparition at the end of this bed. It was pointing towards the driveway which leads to the murder site. It made no sound, Oman said. “He gestured three times and then just disappeared.”

From the years that followed his residency there, experiences continue to escalate and find new directions! Countless sightings of apparitions, disembodied voices, doors closing on their own, objects falling, light anomalies and shadows are common.  Numerous recordings of EVP's (digital audio recordings) and objects moving continue to add up.

Examples of captured spectral images of what many believe show paranormal activity   -   Credit:  LA Weekly

People come from far and wide to just drive up the street of this infamous neighborhood, and the Oman House has been the subject of various network TV shows such as Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Witness, Ghost Hunters, My Ghost Story & More!

Desperate Cries for Help from the Dead

After much exploration using the resources of historic researchers, local law enforcement representatives, detectives, mediums and paranormal investigation authorities, he is content with one theory.

Could the remnants of the horrific night’s call for help within the neighboring properties still be there? Could their desperate attempts to save their lives created such energy, that it persists today like a replayed movie … over and over again?

Could these restless spirits found some place, someone to hear their voices? Could they have found the Oman House to be just that?

Experience The Oman House for yourself

Envision that awful night on August 9th, 1969 especially when you are making your way down the drive.  It's an eeriness that must be felt and experienced to believe.

You are personally invited to participate in a very limited investigative experience in David Oman's private home in Beverly Hills. This is like no other haunted venue you have ever experienced.

David Oman talks with a group of paranormal investigators  -  Credit: Terras Independent Voice

Choose from Two Events!

There are two events leading up to the 50th anniversary date of the Murders on Cielo Drive. They are both selling out quickly. Both will engaged the finest psychic mediums and paranormal investigators in the area. Both will summon the spirits through séances and other supernatural interventions to bring back the voices from the past.

Be braced. This is not for the weak at heart. This will be the most incredible supernatural experience you will ever have.

Full Evening with Dinner with Ghost Hunt and Séances
A Warm-Up to the Anniversary Night
A more intimate & intense approach will be available on this night.
$90/person - All Inclusive (minus ticket fees)

One Night Available:  July 26, 2019

50th Anniversary of the Manson Murders

Ghost Hunt and Medium Séances and Communication
Commemorative gifts, appetizers and beverages will be served.
To act as a trigger, all are asked to come in 60’s wear!
$85/person - All Inclusive (minus ticket fees)

Two Nights Available:   PICK:  Thursday, August 8th and Friday, August 9th!


In preparation in exploring this property, watch the Ghost Adventures premiere on their 2014’s Season Nine!

Ghost Adventures at the Oman House

Credit:  MrBagans


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