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Previously forbidden for explorers to lurk her mystically-rich streets, Cuba has recently launched her surreptitious and tantalizing tourism. Until recent regulations, Haunted Cuba has been an unopened prize for Americans to explore. Now the mysterious gates have been unlocked. Let us explore our mystifying and enigmatic southern neighbor. 

Credit: Pinterest “Havana, Cuba downtown skyline”

Cuba is still regulated by much governmental control. Paranormal tourism is somewhat frowned upon. In our investigations, however, we were able to find the 8 most haunted locations in Cuba which are very active to say the least. 


#8: Presidio Modelo

Credit: Hidden Architecture “Panopticism: Presidio Model”

The Model Prison was built in 1926 in Chacon. The complex is 5 circular towers constructed to hold up to 2500 prisoners. Many have passed through the gates of Presidio Modelo including Fidel and Raul Castro. However the structure soon became overcrowded, housing over 4000 inmates at one time. This led to riots, hunger strikes, and unrest. Like many other prisons, Presidio Modelo is home to many ghosts of restless spirits. The prison was closed in 1967 but is open today for visitors as a museum.

#7: Cementerio la Reina

Credit: Azamara “Cienfuegos, Cuba”

This cemetery is literally a crumbling art museum outdoor. Opening in the 1800s, this was a monument to plantation farming and wealthy trade barons. Massive statues crown most tombs with figures of beauty and grace. In recent years the cemetery has fallen into shambles and been victimized by graverobbers. Among the ghostly statues, you will find Sleeping Beauty.

The young woman buried there was promised to an older wealthy plantation owner but her heart belonged to a young local boy. When her wedding drew near, she ran off and married her true sweetheart. Unfortunately she died soon after of cholera. Regardless of her betrayal, the older man buried her in his family space and erected the large statue that stands today.

A restless spirit in life and death.

#6: Medical Student Memorial

Credit: La Habana “November 27, 1871: The Execution of Eight Medicine Students”

In November of 1871, Cuba was governed by Spain. The native Cubans were growing tired of Spanish rule and Spanish soldiers grew tired of being far from home. Unrest and rebellion soon follow.

On one particular day in that November, 8 young medical students decided to cut class and enjoy a day out. They ended up being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A Spanish soldier felt 8 young men out for the day must be a rebellious gang. He accused them of damaging a Spanish memorial, an act of rebellion against the Spanish government. The 8 young men were later executed for their “crimes” and others were imprisoned for their “involvement”. This launched the Cuban people to oust the Spanish leadership but at the cost of innocent lives.

A memorial stands today on the site where the young men were executed. It is said that you can still hear gunshots and smell gunpowder.

#8: Finca Vigia

Credit: The Star “Ernest Hemingway’s Final Triumph in Cuba”

Imagine the most beautiful white-washed Spanish/Cuban villa. Everything is picture perfect. And you can softly hear and old-fashioned typewriter clacking away somewhere.

But where is it? And who uses typewriters anymore?

You are at Finca Vigia, the Cuban home of writer, Ernest Hemmingway.

Today the home is a museum for the famous writer. Thousands of tourists flock to see the artifacts and to be near where the authors spent his days.

And his spirit may be there still.

Staff reports hear a typewriter, but always in another room. They go to look only to find no one there. Guest also report smelling cigar smoke.

#4: Colon Cemetery

Credit: Experience Transat “Mysterious Colon Cemetery in Havana”

First of all, this cemetery’s full name is Cemeterio de Cristobal Colon (thinking back to high school spanish - Cemetery of Christopher Columbus) His dying wish was to be buried in his new found land. There is much dispute as to where he is, but legend has it that at least part of him is in Colon Cemetery.

But that’s not the only legend held in these grounds.

This cemetery is perhaps best known as the home of La Milagrosa. Early in the 20th century, Amelia Goyin died in childbirth as was common for the time. Her baby son died soon after. As expected her husband Jose felt he had lost his world. As was tradition, Amelia was buried with her baby at her feet in the same coffin. For years Jose would visit the grave, knock 3 times and spend hours talking to his dead wife and child. After some time the coffin was exhumed to make room for more family members in the plot. Upon opening the coffin, the workers found Amelia and the baby perfectly preserved AND Amelia was lovingly cradling the baby in her arms. Today this day, mothers and children visit the site to receive blessings from La Milagrosa.

Credit: CVL Nation “The Cuban Eviction: The Colon Cemetery Bone Pile”  This photo was taken showing the bones of the evicted remains of rented cemetery spots.

The Colon Cemetery is also one of the gravest church led scandals in history. As per the European tradition, historically the Colon Cemetery offered rented cemetery space, with an annual fee for having your bones stay under the earth. If the decedents of the dead couldn’t come up with the annual rent of $10 (about $250 in today’s currency), their remains would be evicted by being dug up and tossed into the bone pile. The bone pile eventually grew as the destitute population of Havana could not afford to keep a sacred burial spot for their loved ones. Do you think the restless souls of the flung remains lurk to find their mortal peace?

Colon Cemetery is also the 2nd largest cemetery in the world.

#3: Leeward Point Field

Credit: Airlines.net “Guantanamo – NAS (Leeward Point Field)”

Near the famous Guantanamo Prison is the US military airfield, Leeward Point Field, set right along the scenic coast. As you may know, Guantanamo is a US Naval base and use Leeward Point Field as their air transport. Much of the area is serene and park-like facing the rocky coastline. Many like to take early evening strolls in the area. However many have reported seeing a woman in white, perhaps a white uniform, also walking dangerously close to the cliffs. She seems friendly enough but then suddenly leaps to a waiting death on the rocks below. Bystanders rush helplessly to the spot only to find nothing and no one  there.

#2: Guantanamo Bay Cemetery, Cuzco

Credit: Shawberget  “In Lasting Peace”

We have all heard stories of torture at Guantanamo Bay Prison. War criminals, POWs, and international bad guys. Living conditions are rough and isolated. Living spirits are angry or in pits of despair.

Tortured bodies and tortured souls.

Near the prison is Guantanamo Bay Cemetery where many are laid to “rest” but as you might guess, rest is uneasy. A quick Google search will result in dozens of reports, from officers to detainees.

Many detainees have stated that it is the worst torture to endure; seeing the trapped souls wander nearby, never to be at rest and never to return home.

And finally.... 

#1: Hotel Nacional de Cuba

Credit:  Tripadvisor  “Hotel Nacional de Cuba”

Take a forest, forbidden by the native people, invade it, and then build a military fort there. Many battles later, tear it down and build a luxury hotel on top of it.

Great idea if you like ghosts, evil spirits, and other bad vibes.

Let’s also throw in international mobsters and an execution or two.

By all measure, Hotel National de Cuba in Havana is the most haunted location is all of Cuba. The feeling is like the party scene from The Shining. Beautiful yet horrible.

The Haunts of Cuba

Cuba is probably one of the most intriguing and unexplored land that is drenched with unsettling and devastating history, wrapped in the most colorful and passionate heritage of multiple cultures. There is no wonder why Ernest Hemingway made his home from 1939 to 1960. Here his mastery as a novelist took flight, writing seven books, including The Old Man and the Sea, A Moveable Feast and Islands in the Stream.

Credit: Pinterest “The Ghost of Hemingway”



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