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We love to share the stories of those that influence or make a difference in the Haunted Community!

Thinking about being a Contributing Writer for Haunted Journeys?  We would love to receive your interest in hosting your article and assuring you receive full credit (with mentions and links).  This can become an excellent vehicle to tell our audience the work you do!  For instance would you like to provide us a preview (or teaser) of published books you have authored?  Perhaps you would like our readers to read on your perspective on research or services you do in the world of the Haunted?  Guest posts are an excellent opportunity for us to educate our audience on a broader range of topics outside of our expertise, while giving other influencers (like you) a chance to “borrow our audience.”

Blog posts from our industry friends and colleagues also challenge us to look at our industry and the way we approach our work in a new light. As you know, we like learning and becoming better at what we do!

Below are a few things to keep in mind when submitting an idea to our Haunted Journeys blog. Please read the whole document before contacting us. Submit your topic idea or complete article to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Contributor Guidelines for Haunted Journeys Blog

What Should You Write About?

Haunted Journeys focuses heavily on Haunted Places, Ghost Tours, Paranormal Events and Haunted Tourism. With the Haunted Journeys Blog, we spin in off-beat and twisted topics, bringing in a new dimension of interest and expertise to our offerings. Generally speaking, we want to keep our readers engaged and (above all) in constant “what if” wonder!

“Infomercials” or content that is about your organization will not be accepted. Drive the interest to your organization by giving the audience great content that is related to what you do and then add “For more information…”

Our audience is mostly comprised of those people seeking to be immersed in the world of the haunted, the metaphysical and traveling to mysterious places. In addition, we target folks that have an interest in the emerging haunted-tourism niche, as well as historic preservation by keeping haunted stories alive.

Specific topics we would love you to write about:

  • The most haunted places in the world
  • Trends in the industry: Why is there an interest in the haunted and paranormal investigations?
  • Influence of media with the haunted industry
  • Upclose and personal discussions/interviews with the influencers in the paranormal industry
  • Intriguing and real stories about ghosts
  • Historical Preservation funding through the haunted
  • What is the influence of the Haunted Tourism market in the industry
  • The metaphysically gifted: What is special about Light Workers
  • Communication with Spirit
  • How to become more metaphysically sensitive or open to communication with spirit
  • What makes Ghost Tours successful and more engaging
  • New techniques / best practices in the paranormal investigation world
  • Interesting stories about haunted objects
  • New and popular technologies used in ghost hunting (including developing apps)
  • Theories related to connecting with the spirit world
  • Correcting common misconceptions of the haunted and paranormal investigations
  • How does the television media influence common perceptions in the paranormal industry
  • What makes a place haunted and why do they remain behind
  • Research (scientific, anecdotal, collective/curated, etc.) in the spiritual / haunted industry
  • What makes Paranormal Events successful (and how to find them).
  • Why do paranormal enthusiasts engage with haunted tourism

Format: Sticking with this makes the transition faster and more efficient. The end result will be an amazing partnership lasting a long time.

Please use the following format:

  • Tool delivery: Use MS WORD that is editable (not read-only). Do not send PDFs.
  • Suggested number of words: No less than 300 words and no more than 2450. Most do around 1250 words.
  • Finished product: We cannot be your editors, so do please use all efforts to submit good work (proper spelling and grammar).
  • Title: Each word in the title should be capitalized
  • Subheads: Capitalize only the first word in each subhead
  • Body:
    • Use bold type any noteworthy points.
    • Put punctuation inside quotes. “This is how you would punctuate a quote.”
    • We love Oxford Comma and so should you.
    • We use just one space between sentences.
    • Capitalize the first word of a bullet point.
    • Use subheadings, lists, images, and short paragraphs to break up chunks of text.
  • Conclusion: Title your conclusion however you like, as long as it neatly wraps up the post nicely and recaps all points made in the body of the post.
  • Other Tips:
    • We like to add a call to action that prompts readers to leave a comment. It’s optional, but preferred.
    • We use a click-to-tweet plugin to highlight tweetable comments throughout the post. Leave comments in your document highlighting which pieces you’d like to be tweetable.
    • Tips to make this a high ranking Google and Social Media Article: (After all, this is the reason why we are BOTH doing this!)
      • Select a popular, interesting and unique topic.
      • Focus on 1-2 long-tail keywords that match the intent of your ideal reader. Do not over-stuff keywords, this is very unfriendly for Google’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and poor content writing to hold your reader’s interest.
      • Include the 1-2 keywords in specific parts of your post: Your article’s title and first paragraph of your content.
      • Insert links, which are not just to you but other references you add to your content.
      • Be part of the discussion. If there are comments, please respond if it’s appropriate. You will make amazing relationships here.

Additional Items Needed:

  • A short bio as related to your expertise (2-3 sentences). Include web page addresses here.
  • Your main one-two keywords.
  • A good (high resolution) photo to be used, providing association to your topic. Please do not include protected images or logos. Must be content related.
  • Links to your Twitter account and website.
  • We suggest you use a common Gravatar that is associated with your email address. Consider using Gravatar.com to create a free account. This will be of tremendous value to you and your organization as you comment throughout various blogs in the cyber world.  (Get noticed! Get branded!)

Where your article will be published:

  • In our website Haunted Journeys
  • Our Social Media
  • Our monthly newsletter (With enough contributions, we may expand to weekly.)
  • References in other blogs (as they are related).


  • We appreciate all the shares we can get. Please share your published post to all your channels.
  • Keep an eye out for blog comments and respond to each, even if it’s with a simple “Thank you!” Your best bet is subscribing to the discussion before it starts.
  • When you are sent your post, please share! Magic will happen thereafter!

That’s about how easy it gets! If you have any questions, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, it may take up to 5 – 7 working days for us to respond. 

Please take note, to protect our mutual best interests…

Haunted Journeys maintains the right to edit your submission, so to represent proper grammar and spelling. We also wish to be sure it is a fit for the format of our delivery and to better meet the goals of the posts and of our website. A final edited format will be submitted to you (as the writer), prior to publishing. An acceptance communication MUST be sent to us for the article to be published.

In addition, Haunted Journeys reserves the right for the final approval, disapproval or exclusion of written matter that is submitted for guest writer publication.

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