Haunted Journeys

World's Largest Ghost Hunt presents a Replay of all the Live Videos posted during all the paranormal investigations of hundreds of Haunted Places around the globe!
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What will happens when hundreds of paranormal investigators are in different haunted places all around the world and attempt to connect and speak with the dead at the very same time. Two Words ... WOW HAPPENS!

We witness it on a daily basis. Paranormal investigation teams go to the most exotic, historically rich, sometimes almost dilapidated and (known to be) haunted places. Each are pushed with the intention of getting the most profound proof of after-life existence. Perhaps they will get a full conversation of Class-A EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) or maybe capture that full apparition with eyes connecting to your camera lens that can undeniably claim the Holy Grail status.  All come to find and break the mystery of the dead to perhaps help a struggling client that is persecuted by these unwelcomed souls. Or perhaps they wish to nobly contribute to a community of hungry spectators in this supernatural world that seek answers. Each of these team usually do it alone, for themselves, for their own satisfaction or merit. Whatever the purpose, they are working with one energy field with one self-pertinent goal.

Suppose ghost hunters would fuse their energies with multitudes of like-minded folks around the world, on one special night for the same purpose? What if, a most powerful experience is created and thus raising the spiritual vibration and communication? This night did occur, in fact it happened three times, annually on National Ghost Hunting Day in its celebratory “World’s Largest Ghost Hunt”!

Collective Consciousness with Multitudes during the World's Largest Ghost Hunt
Collective Consciousness with Multitudes during the World's Largest Ghost Hunt

With the purpose of publicly recognizing and showcasing the skills, expertise and dedication of the “ghost hunter”, while elevating the importance of historically saturated walls that speak, Haunted Journeys found its own determination. Although at first it looked like a small project (After all how hard is it to get a few teams in different parts of the world to investigate at the very same time?), it soon became its own entity, seeking more attention for a bigger-than-life execution. The “What If’s” starting challenging the original model, each accepted with the synergy of all involved. The seekers of historical haunts around the world did not come together on this one date of tribute. It actually came together weeks (and sometimes months) before the great day. It fed a portal of increasing shared energy with the act of planning, preparation and projection to share their skills and ambitions … as one.

Want to watch a REPLAY of all these Paranormal Investigations Live Streamed?

Reading this blog gives you a VIP entry before the official launch on 10/27/18 at 3PM Eastern Time! 

Simply visit our <REPLAY> page and take a tour around the world!

Be amazed and get ready for the REVEAL Live from the Baraboo Inn on December 8th, where all the impressionable evidence will be presented!

We look forward to seeing you at the REPLAY and THE REVEAL!

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