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New Mexico State Penitentiary

New Mexico State Penitentiary

Santa Fe, New Mexico
87505 USA

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Santa Fe, NM is home to one of the most haunted places the world, New Mexico State Penitentiary. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

This maximum security prison was the site of the most violent prison riot in American history. Twelve guards were taken hostage, and the inmates took complete control of the prison. By the time the authorities regained control of the situation, thirty three inmates died (killed because they were informants). Hundreds more of the inmates were injured. The twelve guards were spared, but most sustained serious injuries. Here, men were murdered, some tortured and even dismembered. In fact there are hatchet marks still there, reminding all of one brutal beheading that took place.

The most notable of the reported phenomena is the observation of a human-shaped shadow. The accounts start in 1981 and have continued into the present day. They have been seen by corrections officers as well as members of the New Mexico National Guard. Unexplained noises can be heard, including loud cell door slamming shut.

If you want to go straight to where there is more phenomenon activity, to Cell Blocks 3 and 4. The Tool room and laundry room is also know for having impressive spectral occurrences.

So haunted is this place, in 2012 Travel Channel's Dead Files and My Ghost Story featured this spectral habitat. On the Dead Files episode, Amy was confronted by an evil spirit that had taken part in murders. The began referring to this ghost as the “Shadow Devil”. As for Steve’s part of the show, an actress he interviewed told him she was locked in a cell by a shadow figure while she was there filming a movie.

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