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St Augustine Lighthouse

St Augustine Lighthouse

St Augustine, Florida
32080 USA

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St. Augustine FL is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, St. Augustine Lighthouse. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.


In 1589 a map was published that shows the first archival reference of a wooden watchtower at the end of Anastasia Island. The watchtowers were erected by the Spanish crown during the building of the Castillo De San Marcos to keep enemy ships from taking Anastasia Island. The watchtower at the north end of the island eventually became the St. Augustine Lighthouse. By 1737, the Spanish replaced earlier construction with a new 30-foot watchtower made of coquina (shell rock) and wood. By 1871 it became evident that this first St. Augustine Lighthouse tower was doomed to fall into the ocean. The US Congress appropriated funding for a new lighthouse. The U.S. Lighthouse Service began construction on a new 165-foot tower in 1871 and did not finish until 1874. In 1980, a suspicious fire gutted the vacated keeper’s house. St. Johns County was about to purchase the property and condominiums were discussed as one possibility for a best use of the land. The Junior Service League stepped in with a plan to restore the property and open a maritime museum. The site was added to the National Register of Historic Places. The keepers’ house restoration was finished in 1990, and in 1991, the League signed a lease with the U.S. Coast Guard and opened part time to the public.  A maritime museum opened full-time in early 1994.


Some of the spirits who call St. Augustine Lighthouse home are thought to be former keepers. One story is that the smell of cigar smoke is the first lighthouse keeper. The second lighthouse keeper fell to his death while painting the outside of the lighthouse and you can often see him looking out from the top of the light house. Another story is that of the two young sisters who also died on the property. Hezekiah Pity was hired to renovate the tower in the late 1800s. His daughters, Eliza and Mary, were playing inside a cart that was being used to carry materials back and forth to the lighthouse. When the cart broke loose, they weren’t able to jump out in time and the cart slid rapidly into the bay, plummeting both girls to a watery death. The abundance of paranormal activity attracted SyFy's Ghost Hunters to investigate. 

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