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Race Rock Lighthouse

Race Rock Lighthouse

Southold, New York
06390 USA

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Southold, NY is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, Race Rock Lighthouse. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The tremendous death toll, from the years of treacherous seas accidents, has well established that this location has had paranormal activity on it since the years before the lighthouse was constructed on it.

Many members of the Coast Guard have claimed hat wile they were in the lighthouse, disembodied whispers, laughing, voices and even yelling have been heard. Many calling out their names! Some that have been touched, poked or pushed by these phantoms, have strongly refused to return to this property. Unexplainable footsteps and the sounds of running water have also been experienced. This is quite chilling, since the lighthouse has not had water running through its pipes for year and the shower has been removed! Many men passing by on boats have claimed that they have witnessed a shadowy presence of a man in the tower as the light passed over him.

Investigated by SyFy Ghost Hunters on October 2004, the haunted Race Rock Lighthouse is located in Southold, New York. It is built on the Race Rock Reef, a very dangerous set of rocks, and the site of many shipwrecks. Given the stories of hauntings at this site, the U.S. Coast Guard engaged the help of Travel Channels Ghost Hunters to investigate and help provide some answers. The crew came out and filmed an episode there with some surprising evidence.

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