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Merchant's Cafe and Saloon

Merchant's Cafe and Saloon

109 Yesler Way
Seattle, Washington
98104 USA

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Seattle, WA is home to one of the most haunted places the state, Merchant's Café and Saloon Come explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.


Constructed in 1890, this café is one of the oldest operating restaurants still at its original location in Seattle and the west coast. This two-story structure was destroyed by the Great Seattle Fire in 1889 but rebuilt. By 1892, the building had passed onto Charles Osner, who changed the building's name to Merchants Exchange Saloon. At this time, the building was operating as a restaurant, hotel, Saloon, and a card room. In 1898, a year after the gold rush madness, Franz Xavier Schreiner purchased the Saloon. His wife Mary, a devote Catholic, opposed it. She later died from tuberculosis in 1905. Schreiner sold the business to his son and nephew by 1922, and John (the nephew) ran the business from 1923 to 1965. 



 Amy and Steve from Dead Files paid a visit here in 2013. The owner acknowledges her establishment is haunted by spirits that mean to cause her harm. They discovered that in 1882 a lynch mob strung up two men who killed businessman George Reynolds, but they also hung an innocent man named Payne. When the original structure burnt in 1889, many perished. 

Amy encountered and identified Mary's ghost. She also ran into a wrestler named Otto Hink, a bartender who died of syphilis in 1957. 


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Date added: Jan/24/2017 | Last time updated: Mar/24/2020
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