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Brennan's Restaurant

Brennan's Restaurant

417 Royal Street
New Orleans, Louisiana
70130 USA

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New Orleans, LA is home to one of the most haunted eateries in the nation, Brennan's Restaurant. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.


When Owen Brennan, the proprietor of the Old Absinthe House, was teased by Count Arnaud that an Irishman's culinary skills ended with boiled potatoes, he was determined to prove him wrong. In 1946 he opened Owen Brennan's Vieux Carré Restaurant on Bourbon Street, where Bananas Foster, Breakfast at Brennan's, and history were made. After a successful decade of business and Owen's untimely passing, the restaurant moved to its present location. The new site was constructed in 1795 by the great grandfather of Edgar Degas; the famous pink building once housed the Louisiana State Bank, served as a private residence frequented by President Andrew Jackson and was home to eccentric chess master Paul Morphy. It was bequeathed to Tulane University, leased and then sold to the Brennan family in 1984, and in 2013 was bought by partners Ralph Brennan and Terry White, who completed a major restoration.


One of the hauntings involves the infamous specter of the second-story Red Room. It is said to be the spirit of a former owner who lost everything and committed suicide after murdering his family. Staff and employees, who go to the room for linens or tables and additional chairs, say there is a mysterious misty figure who haunts their steps the entire time. Patrons have reported the ghostly image of a man dressed in 18th-century clothing watching in disapproval at the festivities. Some have encountered a feeling of his presence, angry and foreboding, just outside the main door to the Red Room.

Another active specter is said to be the ghost of the late Chef Paul Blange, who created many of the restaurant's signature dishes and helped build the reputation of the esteemed eatery. He worked at the famous eatery for decades and was so devoted that when he died a knife and fork and the restaurant’s menu,were placed across his chest as he lay in the coffin. He is said to lurk in the kitchen where the staff report the feeling of being watched and something touching them while they are preparing meals. When the staff is locking up, Chef Paul will bang doors and pots in the empty kitchen. 

Another former employee is seen in the wine cellar. Herman Funk was a wine master whom Brennan's employed to build their fabulous cache of renowned wines and spirits, is said to be attached to his job even in the afterlife. Every time an employee clinks of a bottle, it is said, there is a mimicking "clink" of another bottle just out of reach. They say this is Herman Funk suggesting a wine. Employees admit that they will usually go with Funk's selection.

 This property was featured on SyFy's Ghost Hunters. 


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Date added: Jan/24/2017 | Last time updated: Mar/31/2020
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