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Cedar Grove Mansion Inn & Restaurant

Cedar Grove Mansion Inn & Restaurant

2200 Oak Street
Vicksburg, Mississippi
39180 USA

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Vicksburg, MS is home to one of the most haunted eateries in the state, The Cedar Grove Mansion Inn & Restaurant (formerly the Baldwin House Restaurant). Come explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The History

John Alexander Klein (a successful investor, architect, jeweler, cotton/lumbar merchant) gave Cedar Grove Hall to his 16-year-old bride, Elizabeth, as a wedding present. The finishing touches were finished in 1852. John and Elizabeth had 10 children in this home, three of whom died. One of their daughters died in an upstairs bedroom. It was suspected to be caused by a childhood disease. Two infants died in the nursery, also of unknown causes. When the family sold the property and mansion to someone outside the family. 

During the Civil War, John Klein was a confederate soldier, leaving a pregnant wife behind. The Union attacked this mansion from the Yazoo River leaving an embedded cannonball in the parlor wall. Elizabeth was protected as she was a relative of General Sherman. During the siege of Vicksburg, General Sherman relocated the very pregnant Elizabeth to the Union side so she could safely deliver a son. Cleverly, General Sherman turned Cedar Grove Hall into a Union hospital which gave the home further protection. After the war, the Kleins were able to pay off a sizeable property tax because of stashed money they hid in a safe. This is an iconic piece hidden as a beautiful furnishing smack in the middle of the parlor, missed by Union soldiers (and others).

Various members of the Klein family lived here until 1919 when they sold it to outsiders. Upon this, a three-family plotted grave was moved to a local cemetery. It was recorded sometime after they sold the property, a young woman from a family who lived in the mansion at a later time, shot herself in the ballroom.

After many exchanges of hands, in 1983 Estelle and Ted Macky bought the mansion restoring it and the grounds it to its previous majestic state. They further bought the houses across the street, turning them into cottages to be part of the Cedar Grove Mansion Inn. Sitting on five acres, the Cedar Grove Mansion Inn and Restaurant is a very impressive (and haunted) place to stay and enjoy.

The Hauntings

With the profound history this mansion has absorbed that combines the legacy of a loving family, the loss of life upon children, the horrors of war, the scars left behind from a military hospital and lastly the dedicated restoration of this legendary majestic property, there is a good reason for spirits to continue to linger here.

John Klein, although physically gone from his earthly home, continues to have a strong spiritual presence as the master of his mansion. For instance, when someone that he is not comfortable with presents themselves near or in the gentleman's parlor, you will smell the aroma coming from his pipe. The staff knows this and accommodate as needed!

The other members of the family are present as well. The full-bodied apparition of Elizabeth's phantom may be seen walking down the front stairs. Disembodied footsteps have been heard going up the outside stairway. Many believe this may be the teenage son still trying to come back home.

People will hear the sounds of children playing, other times the cries of an infant will be heard. In 1919 graves of the family members were moved to a local cemetery when they sold their land. One of them was a little girl belonging to the Kleins. Her spectral image has been seen by both the staff and guests. She appears to them as lost, sad and a bit puzzled. They will hear her going up and down the steps leading to the second floor towards her bedroom where she passed away.

The woman that committed suicide in the ballroom has also been seen. Her ghostly image is seen floating around the mansion, ballroom, and the stair steps as well. Phantom soldiers wander the grounds and the house, probably because it was used as a hospital during the War.

Ths majestic mansion will offer an incredible lodging experience where you are looking for a historical, romantic or supernatural get-away. Consider doing all three! 


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