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The Amber Rose

The Amber Rose

Dayton, Ohio
45404 USA

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Dayton , OH is home to one of the most haunted eateries in the nation, Amber Rose Come explore its spooky menu and other offerings with Haunted Journeys.


The Amber Rose's building was built in 1912 by Sigmunt Ksiezopolski and served a general store through the 1980’s. In 1989 Elinor Sluzas bought the building and opened the Amber Rose a year later, naming it for the Amber jewels mined in Lithuania and Northern Europe and the symbolization of the Rose as love and compassion. In 1998, Joe Castellano bought the restaurant and today still uses the recipes Elinor introduced.


Today, the spirit of the founders are part of the menu! The daughter of the original owner of the building is said to haunt the main level and upstairs of Amber Rose. Her name is Genevieve Ksiezopolski, and is also known as “Chickie.” Staff have witnessed glasses flying off the shelves. The current owner has seen lights and fans turned on in the upstairs office on their own. One of the restaurant's cooks claimed to have seen the ghostly apparition of Chickie. He claimed the spirit was in front of him, lifted up her ruffled dress slightly and walked out of the room. Security cameras, throughout the restaurant, have captured white orbs that enter, circle and leave the room at the exact time the cook said he saw the ghost.

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Date added: Jan/24/2017 | Last time updated: Jan/20/2020
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