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Casino Bar and Grill

Casino Bar and Grill

Bodega, California
94922 USA

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Bodega, CA is home to one of the most haunted eateries in the state, Casino Bar and Grill. Come Explore its spooky menu and other offerings with Haunted Journeys.

Bodega California is a quaint little village north of San Francisco. Not to be confused with Bodega Bay, which is actually a shore village, Bodega is home to this Sonoma brew pub that visitors love. Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” was filmed here, and the pub was the go-to place during filming. Dating back to 1939, this bar has quite a history, including hauntings. Several people have reported hearing the sounds associated with a poker game after the bar is closed on the rear patio. Some think this may be old sailors spirits who used to frequent this place.

Perhaps, Hitchcock, himself?
Date added: Jan/24/2017 | Last time updated: Feb/23/2019
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