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Canfield's Restaurant

Canfield's Restaurant

Wiscasset, Maine
02840 USA

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Wiscasset, ME is home to one of the most haunted eateries in the state, Canfield's Restaurant. Come Explore its spooky menu and other offerings with Haunted Journeys.

This historical building, once a boardinghouse is now Canfield's Restaurant. It is believed to be haunted by Lydia Dana, a previous owner. This haunting is said to be a poltergeist, however Lydia’s spirit is so gentle and nice that she is referred to as “Mother Dana” by guests and staff alike. Known as a bit of a fun loving prankster, some say she smacks people on their behinds occasionally.
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Date added: Jan/24/2017 | Last time updated: Feb/23/2019
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