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Historic Old Baraboo Inn

Historic Old Baraboo Inn

135 Walnut St, Baraboo, WI
Baraboo, Wisconsin
53913 United States
(608) 356-2528

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Baraboo, WI is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, Old Baraboo Inn. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The History

Located along Walnut Street in Baraboo, Wisconsin, this 154-year-old historic landmark has gone through a lot. In its spicy heyday, the inn served as a tavern and brothel, conveniently located across from the railway station, connecting this sleepy town to crime-infested Chicago. Originally, it operated as a boarding house, a honky-tonk saloon and even a brothel.
In the past, there have been many known criminals and renegades that have made themselves at home in this property. In fact, the basement has a section that was an execution pole, with bullet holes still holding memories to its ugly past. Among the hundreds of souls that passed through these walls when alive, one of the most famous was Al Capone.

Yes, there a few deaths associated with this charming tavern, and they are not all from years gone past. One of the owners suddenly died on the property. Just recently, in 2015, there was a fatal stabbing of a man, with a severe beating of another that started in the tavern and ended up right outside the property.

Today, the tavern's owner, BC Farr, holds the Could any of these souls be still lingering around the old tavern, trying to tie up loose ends? Many will agree will absolutely say yes.

The Hauntings

The colorful history has not left this beautifully red-painted building. In fact, there are many that believe it has strengthened. Hundreds of patrons and even paranormal investigators have confirmed the spectral power of this building!

There is a theory that the jukebox is a portal for spiritual energy is a hard pill to swallow, even when a medium is backing it up. Many have round this to be a tough challenge to show the invisible forces that may or may not turn people away from the inn’s admittedly creepy basement.

The owners have clearly defined that there are four separate haunted spaces in the property. The first area is located in the front main tavern. Here one senses the rugged and determined personalities of the cowboy who had a bit too much to drink. Much evidence of voice recordings and shadows have identified these phantoms.

Then there’s the back tavern, the second distinctive spot of haunts, that offers a more hidden and protective aura. Are these the spirits that protected the tavern’s naughtiness?. It is common to meet up with one of the most famous criminals here. "Scarface" (Al Capone) used to hang-out at the Old Baraboo Inn during prohibition, and he probably felt better protected in the back of the bar. Many EVPs (digital recordings of voices) have been obtained from the old gangster intellectually conversing with the crowd. The evidence is plain chilling!

The third space is the Brothel. which is located on the second floor. The original entrance to this "hospitality xxx suite" was once found in the back of the main bar via a hidden stairwell. Today, it is accessed from the outside of the pub through its own private entrance. Be assured. This detour has not confused the gals (and happy fellas) that are still up there! There is a combined sexual tension felt (especially in one of the rooms), with and a residual “I’m in charge … You’re not.” mood. The FOURTH Chamber of Haunts is the basement. Yes, the dreaded basement. This space is generally closed off to guests, for it can be that unsettling. Some call the entity there ... pure nastiness.

The fourth space is the most troubling. The owner and staff have a hard time going to this space, which is the basement. There is an execution post there, where bullet holes hold the remnants of horrors experienced by the crime victims. There is overwhelming darkness here, almost suffocating gloom. A medium experience this. While pressing her hands to the ground and recalling decades-old executions, she was emotionally moved. Those that dare to experience this area will agree that it is purposely secured here from the rest of the building for good reason.

There are many more spirits here that lurk in this amazing property. BC Farr, Old Baraboo Inn’s operating owner, staff and patrons have reported doors opening and closing by themselves, lights being turned on during the night, and dishes, cups, and utensils flying off racks — untouched by human hands. . Sometimes, the spirits were playful when one dared to enter the basement’s cooler, and unexpectedly the door closed leaving them in complete darkness! Apparitions, shadows, and voices have been chillingly captured digitally, for the unbelievers and skeptics to review! And yes, old “Scarface” is a significant contributor.

The tavern offers intriguing events and haunted tours with demonstrations of ghostly activities. While there, treat yourself to a "Ghost Bomb" drink that joyfully celebrates the presence of spirits in this establishment.

The Old Baraboo Inn was a participant in the 2017-2019 World's Largest Ghost Hunt. It has also been featured on Travel Channel's Hometown Horror, on an episode called "Three-Ring Terror". Unrealized to many, the fourth ring is the most challenging ... the basement.


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