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Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub

Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub

112 SW 2nd Avenue
Portland, Oregon
97204 United States

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Portland, OR is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, Kells Irish Restaurant & Bar. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys. The bar’s owners agree that the dark history has clung to the establishment. Otherworldly forces, including mirrors shattering, plaster falling from the walls and glasses inexplicably falling to the ground, have convinced them that there’s paranormal activity going on at this Irish watering hole. One of the historic imprints that has made the property one of the most haunted in Oregon involves one of its original purposes! E. R. Butterworth and Sons Mortuary was established on this location for people who died in the early 1900s from disease and mining accidents. The mortuary was purposed in 1903 to handle the hundreds of dead bodies piling up in the city due to a diphtheria epidemic, poor sanitation, mining accidents, and violent crimes. The Butterworth Mortuary handled the burial of everyone in the city. But this is not enough to raise the level of phantom participation at this location. You need a bit of tragedy and incredibly disturbing anguish to accentuate the hauntings. The historic tale gets better. One Seattle story tells of those dead who arrived at the mortuary had been patients of Doctor Linda Hazard, a physician who believed she could treat disease with starvation. She starved her patients, feeding them only a thin broth and giving them regular enemas. Spirits from those bodies never left, according to some patrons and previous owners. Mirrors inexplicably break along with glasses that slide off the edge of the bar and crash to the floor. A thin man has been spotted in the kitchen, and the ghost of a child has been seen on the second floor. Many of the spirits are bone-thin, which traces back to the mortuary days and practices of Dr. Linda Hazzard. Hazzard “treated” patients by starving them with a diet solely made up of bone broth. Karen McAleese, a sister of the bar’s owner, went on record that on All Saint’s Day 2005 she saw something she still cannot explain. She said: “He was a tall man who looked like he was part black and wore a suit jacket. According to Karen, he had very thin hands, adding "He walked to the end of the bar and just kind of faded.” McAleese and others believe this was one of the millions of spirits that passed through the building back when it was E.R. Butterworth and Sons Mortuary. This location earned a bit of celebrity status, featured on Ghost Adventures in 2010. Zak Bagan, the show's host, claimed the team snapped photos of a disfigured child sitting on the steps in the bar. They also reported the sound of footsteps and tortured whispers. Please click on tags below to see more properties like this one!
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