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Wabasha Street Caves

Wabasha Street Caves

215 Wabasha Street South
Saint Paul, Minnesota
55107 USA

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Saint Paul MN is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, the Wabasha Street Caves. Come explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The History

The Wabasha Street Caves brings forth a very startling history, for back in the 1930's the caves were used as a speakeasy. What a better place could there be to disguise unsettling illegal activities of gambling, drinking, and yes, murders. Frequent guests were the gangsters.

The first of its type was called the Wabasha Street Speakeasy. It is rumored that the toughest folks frequented the Caves, including John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, and Ma Barker. Then another speakeasy came to play, called the Castle Royal. If you walk through the caves today you will see remnants of the old nightclub atmosphere in the crumbling decore.

A local story speaks of four gangsters were playing cards when a man with a case walked in and asked the band to leave early. They complied, and the cave emptied out to just the four men, the man with the case and a waitress. The waitress was in the kitchen when she heard the pops of a Tommy gun. She ran to the Fireside Room to find three men shot dead. The fourth card player had run off as an accomplice with the man with a case. The waitress called the police, who went in to check the caves without her. When they came back out, they accused her of filing a false police report. They didn't find any bodies - no blood, no evidence. But the waitress insisted that the bullet holes, still in the stones in the fireplace, were evidence enough.

The speakeasies were successful throughout the 1930s. Then they dwindled and closed. Mushrooms were actually grown in the caves after World War 2 started. This ended in the 1970s when the Castle Royal 2 rekindled as a disco dance club.

The Hauntings

The staff at the Wabash Street Caves are quick to point out that with the high density of phantoms in their property, they have earned to be one of only three sites to be haunted enough to qualify for the National Register of Haunted Places. At any given time, the claim, the caves will have 25 to 30 ghosts.

It's dark and criminal past clearly makes its presence noticed in these caves. From the remnants of gangster dealings, you may hear faint music that has no source. Many have cited seeing men doing mob business in the cave. A good place to catch these phantoms would be the Fireside Room (a side room off the main cave), for this is where the hub for the mob was located. This is where the shooting of the card players occurred. Recently, a sighting was reported of one of the card-playing gangsters glaring at the cave's visitors, walking past them, and disappearing into a cave wall.

Folks have reported seeing the spectral apparitions of a shadowy couple, and woman, on the dance floor. People will see them from the corner of their eyes, and when they turn to catch them they simply disappear. Other sightings are of a spooky woman in the bar area, and the apparition man sitting in the audience near the main stage. Some see a man wearing a Panama hat.

Allegedly, there is a photo of a young boy who attended a wedding and met a group of ghosts. The picture is said to show the boy sitting at a table, smiling, surrounded by misty forms. Another story describes a ball that bounced into the men's bathroom. The young boy playing with the ball says he saw a man dressed in gangster attire, straightening his tie. The story says that the entity turned and smiled and winked at the boy before disappearing. See some of the images below in our Gallery 2 as taken by some of their guests.

If you'd like to try and see some ghostly gangsters in the caves that are not open to the public, be hesitant, care and but most of all don't go alone. The caves are dangerous and there have been many recorded deaths in the caves from carbon monoxide poisoning and other reasons. It is best to take one of their tours at the only one open to the public, the Wabasha Street Caves to catch the best (and safest) experience.


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