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Barbee Hotel and Grill

Barbee Hotel and Grill

Warsaw, Indiana
46582 USA

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Barbee Hotel & Grill

Back in it's hay day of the roaring 20's, the Barbee Hotel was a popular hangout for mobsters from Chicago. One of its phantom mobsters, called Scarface (or as better known Al Capone) still haunts the hotel So well known are it's haunts, that SyFy's Ghost Hunters paid a visit to find out for themselves! The Barbee Hotel and Saloon was also featured on Dead Files in November of 2014. Dead Files duo, Amy and Steve, were engaged to help the hotel's owner who claims that his establishment is hurtint as a result of the phantom activity, Steve's research into the hotel's history reveals that in the 1800s the land that the hotel was built upon, was the site of a brutal double homicide. Amy discovers entities within hotel. The most prominent spirit she encounters is of a woman who was the sole survivor of a brutal attack against her family. Amy also runs into a male ghost who is aggressive towards the living. Can a hotel sustain itself with this amount of remants from a tormented historical past?
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Date added: Jan/24/2017 | Last time updated: Jun/27/2019
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