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Historic Bullock Hotel

Historic Bullock Hotel

633 Main Street
Deadwood, South Dakota
57732 USA

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Deadwood SD is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, Historic Bullock Hotel. Come explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.


The historic Bullock Hotel, located in one of the most haunted cities in the plains, Deadwood, South Dakota. Built in 1895 by Seth Bullock, an early sheriff of Deadwood, and his business partner Sol Star, it is the oldest hotel in Deadwood. Imagine building this peach for a mere $40,000. But back at the turn of the century, that was quite an investment!

It actually was repurposed into a hotel back in 1894 from a converted warehouse, shortly after the famous Deadwood fire hit the town. The fire destroyed the original 2-story wood-frame building and devastated much of the town of Deadwood.

The Hotel was later sold to the Ayres family, who in 1976 converted the building to a hardware store up until around 1991. This is when the building underwent a subsequent renovation by the new owners, Bullock Properties, to convert it back into a hotel. The original furnishings had been sold at auction by the Aryes family in 1976, so in 1991-1993 the hotel underwent extensive renovation to re-create the original atmosphere and decor.

The current owners state that the hotel has been "carefully restored based on the best available information regarding the late 1800s and by uncovering details that gave clues as to the original decor."

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Contrary to popular belief, Seth Bullock did not die at the hotel in room 211, but at his home at 28 Van Buren Street. It is possible that incorrect reports of his demise at the hotel propagated reports of his ghost being sighted at the hotel, which continues to this day by guests, workers, and tourists.

Visitors and staff hear footsteps on the stairs when no one is there. His presence is felt in the hotel's restaurant, where glasses and dishware have been known to fly off tables. In the kitchen, appliances turn on by themselves.

Guests have reported seeing the full apparition of Seth, in the middle of the night. Guests and staff have reported activity in the rooms, showers turning on and off, alarm clocks go off, and unplugged televisions turn themselves on.

Many people who have supposedly had contact with Bullock's ghost say that they were never harmed, but merely touched or called out for. Apparitions are often seen by guests and orbs as well. Employees say the ghost merely continues to play host and often makes sure his employees are working hard because many employees have said when they were taking breaks, they felt paranormal presence, and got back to work immediately.

Ghost tours of the hotel are held regularly, and many thrill-seekers, ghost hunting groups and non-believers have spent the night. In 2015, the hotel was featured on a special Halloween episode of Ghost Adventures.

Haunted Bullock Hotel


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