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1110 Carriage House Inn

1110 Carriage House Inn

Austin, Texas
78705 USA

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Austin, TX is home to one of the most haunted places the world, 1110 Carriage House Inn. Come explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys. Built in 1843 while the charming city of Charleston was benefiting from a flowing economy, the Battery Carriage House Bed and Breakfast Inn is located within its beautiful garden area on a sprawling five-story Greek Revival/Second Empire style antebellum mansion. Positioned right in the middle of a Civil War target for four years, Charleston absorbed much destruction and challenges. In 1870, Col. Richard Lathers, a South Carolina millionaire who defended the Union during the Civil War, bought this grand estate and hired architect John Henry Devereaux for a needed $10,000 renovation to repair some of the impact of the surrounding battles. Later he sold the property to Andrew Simonds in 1874. Several generations family lived in this mansion. The estate was eventually sold to another branch of the family, and then to others outside the family. In the 1920s and '30s some rather wild parties took place in the Carriage House, complete with ladies of the night, stripping for guests and customers in the Carriage House. Time was not kind to this once incredible mansion, for many failed to keep up with the repairs a historic property needs. Falling into much disrepair and later sustaining the storms of Hurricane Hugo, the property was rescued and restored to its classic beauty as she stands today. Today, the main mansion continues to be the principle residence for Kat and Drayton Hastie, direct descendants of Mr. Simonds, eleven guest rooms are located within the mansion's Carriage House and in the raised basement of the main house, which are located around the garden area. These rooms are open to visitors to stay, known as the Battery Carriage House Bed and Breakfast Inn. Owner Drayton Hastie and his wife have never seen the ghosts, but guests and employees have had odd encounters, many of which are eerily similar. Some may attribute these occurrences to the peculiarities of an old house, but several otherwise skeptical guests have experienced these ghosts and are sure it was real. All rooms appear to have activity. Most notable one includes Room 8, where the apparition of a man’s torso was witnessed in Room 8, was accompanied by a sense of not being alone in the room and hovering over while asleep by an unearthly presence. Room 10 has also witnessed an apparition of a gentleman that comes through the guest room from the hall. Room 3 offers a history of what appeared to be a portal gateway, stemming from the bathroom. This activity, verified by a clairvoyant, was tempered down with metaphysical encouragement! The owners are very open and kind in sharing the ghostly tales that have been reported by guests and staff. Now it’s your turn to contribute!
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Date added: Jan/24/2017 | Last time updated: Feb/23/2019
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