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Arlington Resort Hotel

Arlington Resort Hotel

239 Central Avenue
Hot Springs, Arkansas
71901 USA

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Hot Springs, AR is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, Arlington Resort Hotel. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The History

Since 1875, The Arlington Hotel was one of the first luxury hotels built in the area. It is also one the largest hotel in Arkansas with almost 500 rooms and suites, offering tourists convenience when they visit the nearby Bathhouse Row and Hot Springs National Park. For this reason, many famous guests and dignitaries from around the world have attended functions there. Guests have included a range of famous names, from Presidents to actors, athletes, and gangsters. Theodore Roosevelt, Bill Clinton, Andrew Carnegie, and Joe DiMaggio are among the hotel’s notable visitors. It was also a popular stay for many gangsters that visited Hot Springs, including Al Capone.

A Hot Springs historian, Harry Reinert, tells of his uncle who worked as a clerk at the front desk of the hotel. He once stopped a guest that was about to enter the dining room and told him he could not enter without a tie. The guest begrudgingly went to his room to get one. The clerk later learned the guest was Al Capone! His uncle spent the rest of the evening looking over his shoulder.

The Hauntings

Although the hotel's official word that the Arlington Hotel is not haunted, the many reports of active hauntings the Arlington Resort Hotel have not rested. From these stories, it can be said that the phantoms there are a well-rounded group, indeed.

One of the stories told by a guest of being followed down the hall by three women who were laughing and talking. As the guest stopped at her room, she looked to see the happy women and saw that she was alone in the hallway.

Al Capone would rent the entire 4th floor for his crew of bodyguards and gangsters. His favorite was the Arlington Hotel’s room 443. The Suite actually has a private "extra" door, that leads to an underground secret passage for a quick getaway. Guests and employees have said that the elevator mysteriously will open, travel to the 4th floor, and stop as if to drop someone off.

Another story told of a honeymooning couple who would have the covers pulled from their bed. The woman blamed her husband, who denied that he was doing it. Staying awake, they waited, and soon the covers began to come down, then were ripped off the bed. Both bolted from the room, somewhat undressed, the story goes.

Many have seen many apparitions dressed, all dressed in old fashioned clothing. This includes a young girl in a pink dress, a woman in a wedding gown, and a man in a black suit have all been reported. These have been found in the hallways and lobby, disappearing as quickly as they appeared.

The ghost of a bellman has been seen wandering the fourth level, who walks through closed doors before disappearing. The ghost of a man in a black suit has been seen in the hotel laundry, and often waves to workers.

There are also stories of poltergeist experiences, including bottles of win jumping off the shelves without being touched or shaken by the living. Taps turn on and off by themselves, lights go on and off on their own. The boarded-up rooms are said to have doors that slam shut and ongoing whispers and conversations from time to time. Those are supposed to be built into the mountainside with no running water or electricity.

Personal experiences occur frequently. You may feel "something" bushing against you or hear a ghostly laughter near you. People have the feeling of being tapped on the shoulder and staff have said that their hair pulled slightly with no one around.

Although many have reported of a malevolent spirit residing in room 824, the stories have not been collaborated or researched. One guest did report an experience there, but the spirit's nature did not appear to be of a negative source



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