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Admiral Fell Inn

Admiral Fell Inn

Baltimore, Maryland
21231 USA

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Baltimore, MD is home to one of the most haunted places the world, Admiral Fell Inn Come explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

By 1900, the bustling port of Fell’s Point was a rough waterfront neighborhood filled with warehouses, saloons, and brothels. The Admiral Fell Inn itself was originally a boarding house and theater that included ladies of the night for the seamen and immigrants who patronized the business. The central building of this landmark was reestablished on December 3, 1900. As The Anchorage. It built by the Port Mission Women's Auxiliary as a place ""to maintain under Christian influence a boarding house for seamen, a home away from home, a social and recreational center where the seafarer might find a safe refuge while in port."" Guests had to be deloused for them to stay. That was still preferable than being shanghaied and the building became a safe-haven for merchant seamen who were grateful to stay in one of the inn's 28 rooms. With all this commotion, there is no wonder this historic property is considered one of the most haunted in Maryland. The Admiral Fell Inn was acknowledged as being haunted when voices were heard during a forced hurricane evacuation, as a hotel manager disclosed of his experience of hearing a loud party after the hotel was evacuated during a hurricane. If you want a sure bet when booking, ask for Room 413. Rumors tells us that a man died in the room. The hotel’s housekeepers often talk about a strange feeling they get when cleaning the room. One of them, in particular, “Frances” used to clean 413 almost daily, the chills when in the room were consistent. Many times, she would feel a slight breeze against her face or arms, like when someone walks close by. On some occasions, she has had the sensation of someone placing a hand on her shoulder. Guests have often reported seeing floating sailors and disappearing butlers knocking on their doors.
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