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1859 Historic National Hotel

1859 Historic National Hotel

Jamestown, California
95327 USA

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Jamestown, CA is home to one of the most haunted places the State, 1859 Historic National Hotel Come explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

Founded in 1848, the National Hotel sits proudly in Northern California's Gold Country. Even more interesting, it has been continuously operated as a hotel since 1859, so one could only imagine the list of guests that have never checked out!

In addition, Jamestown is also well known for the concentration that restless spirits roam it hosts. Some are looking for lost fortune and others still pining for lost loves. One of its most famous unearthly guests, is Flo that has been lingering the hotel since she followed her love, Henry, to the National Hotel back in 1959. Henry was tragically murdered in the hotel's lobby before they could marry. Shortly thereafter, she was found dead in her hotel bed in 1897 with a note by her side addressed to her long-lost fiancé. Could she have died of a broken heart and now continues to seek her long lost love.
Flo seems to prefer the rooms in the front of the building and is most often in the upstairs of the hotel. On occasion her apparition has been witnessed early in the morning by staff floating through the dining room and proceeding right through a wall. Flo is perceived as being friendly, limiting her interaction with the living to harmless pranks.

Guests are invited to write down comments in a guestbook by each room. Some entries describe lights going on and off by themselves, doors slamming and clothes being dumped out of suitcases onto the floor. Once in while a women's sobbing is heard in the hallway with no earthly explanation. So impressive are these disembodied wails, that nonbelievers have easily converted their non-believing attitudes.

Could it be that Flo is not quite ready to go?
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