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Angel of the Sea Bed and Breakfast

Angel of the Sea Bed and Breakfast

5 Trenton Avenue
Cape May, New Jersey
08204 USA

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Cape May NJ is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, Angel of the Sea. Come explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The History

The Angel of the Sea was built around 1850 as a summer cottage for William Weightman Sr., Originally built as a single structure it stood on the corner of Franklin and Washington Streets. 

In 1881, Mr. Weightman decided that his home needed an ocean view, so he hired several locals to move the house to another location.

The movers discovered the house was too large to move as one unit, so they cut it in half and moved it in sections. Unfortunately, it could not be reconnected as well as they expected after the move, so they enclosed where the house had been cut and the one house became two buildings.

It remained in the Weightman family until Mr. Weightman died in 1905. During the next 50 or so years, the Weightman Cottage was used as a hotel, guest house, and, during one period, a restaurant. In 1962 a powerful storm came through the area and the Angel survived but was severely damaged. Cleanup plans called for the two houses to be torn down to make room for a parking lot. The buildings were saved when purchased by the Reverend Carl McIntire and moved to their present location on Trenton Avenue. From 1962 to 1981, the houses were used as a dormitory for students from Shelton College. A tragic story occurred in the 1960s when a woman, forgetting her room key, attempted to climb to her room's window from the window in the next room, and plunged to her death. 

Unfortunately, during that time, very little maintenance was done and in 1981, it was declared uninhabitable and left abandon until 1988 when it was purchased and restored. Today it lives in grandeur, celebrating its historical past splendidly as a beautiful bed and breakfast. 

The Hauntings

The Angel of the Sea is not only the nation’s second most popular bed and breakfast but one with a haunting past that has traveled the New Jersey shore.

There is no doubt that Cape May, New Jersey, is a metropolis for the haunted. Its speckled historic buildings that nudge against its shoreline is a retreat for the living, and the dead. Maybe it's because the town embraces the supernatural, but in Cape May, a local inn without a ghost is like a Bed and Breakfast without a morning meal.

The staff at the inn won't say which room the girl that fell to her death in the 1960s was staying. They will, however, make mention that it may have been in the second building. As a result, there is a variety of paranormal activity which is said to take place in the inn.

According to the staff, the bed and breakfast have discovered four different entities. One is a young woman whose mother was a caretaker in the property years before. Her father was a sea captain. She is usually seen looking out to the sea. A second phantom is a transient who died of tuberculosis, which today may explain why the beds shake and rattle on their own. Many hear him coughing as well.

Then there is a 3rd ghost that plays intelligently with guests and the staff. A spectral event once occurred around 2:30 am. A guest in Room 17, who was the only person in the building, reported that an alarm was going off in one of the rooms. When the staff went to check it out, the alarm spontaneously stopped. Then a creaking sound could be heard walking down the stairs.

At this inn, you may experience flickering lights and disembodied footsteps that are heard through its corridors. Objects may move without an explanation. The manager, Chet Sherel, claims to have seen an apparition. One day, as he was working the night shift, he walked into a room to turn off the light. There, shockingly, was a ghostly figure sitting in the chair.


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Date added: Jan/24/2017 | Last time updated: Jun/11/2021

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