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Barnsley Gardens Resort

Barnsley Gardens Resort

597 Barnsley Gardens Road
Adairsville, Georgia
30103 USA

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Adairsville Georgia is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, Barnsley Resort. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.


The original house was built back in 1844 by Godfrey Barnsley. He was warned by a Cherokee native not to build on the site because it was considered sacred to his tribe. Before the mansion was completed, Barnsley's wife, Julia, suddenly became ill and died of tuberculosis. This was the start of the Barnsleys' bad luck. 

The estate and gardens were completed in 1848. It sat undisturbed until the Civil War when The Battle of Adairsville raged across the grounds and caused irreparable damage. A friend of Godfrey's attempted to warn him of the impending battle but was shot and killed by the approaching troops before he could deliver the message. Godfrey buried his friend behind the mansion. 

After the war, Godfrey moved to New Orleans and tried to regain his fortune. He placed control of the estate with his son-in-law, James Peter Baltzelle, a Confederate Army captain. In 1868, Baltzelle was killed by a falling tree. Godfrey Barnsley died in 1873 with little money to his name. His body was returned to Georgia and buried him on the estate grounds. 

 In 1906, a tornado damaged the roof of the Barnsley mansion, forcing the family to move into the kitchen. 

Barnsley's great-grandson, Preston Saylor, rose to prominence as a champion heavyweight boxer, fighting under the name K.O. Dugan. Then, in 1935, during a heated quarrel, Preston shot his brother Harry in the home. Harry died in the front room of the mansion in his mother's arms. Preston was sent to prison. 

 The estate was sold at auction, and, for the first time, purchased by someone outside of the Barnsley family. While the property was used for farming, the Barnsley mansion slipped into ruin. 

Today, it's a luxury resort park, replete with beautiful cottages, a Grecian-style pool, spa, and a golf course.


Visitors reported the ghost of Godfrey Barnsley drifting through what remained of the mansion. Matriarch Julia Barnsley has also been spotted gliding through the garden. Multiple witnesses claim to have seen the twin vision of Godfrey and Julia walking together across the property. People have also heard footsteps throughout the open-air ruins of the house. 

This property was featured on Haunted History. 



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Date added: Jan/24/2017 | Last time updated: Apr/03/2020
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