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The Bellaire House

The Bellaire House

1699 Belmont Street
Bellaire, Ohio
43906 USA

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Bellaire OH is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, Bellaire House. Come explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The History

Jacob Heatherington constructed the Bellaire House in 1904. Located in the Ohio Valley, numerous coal mine blasts have happened near the Bellaire House. With this, numerous lives have been lost. The Bellaire House itself sits on what is known as Coal Mine #1. Mr. Heatherighton once claimed the majority of the coal mines in the Ohio Valley.

When Jacob died, he left the coal mine to his granddaughter, Lyde. She died in the dining room of The Bellaire House. Her brother Edwin grieved the loss of his sister so much that he hired mediums from all over the USA to connect with her. He became so fascinated with the occult, studying seers and the art of mediumship. The house became a center of the supernatural from all his practices.

According to many mediums and paranormal experts, the grieving young man unknowingly opened portals to the other side all over the house. Various ghost hunters have reported that up to eleven portals are located throughout the house and despite the best efforts of mediums, these portals refuse to stay closed.

The Hauntings

Architecturally speaking, this house has no choice but to be incredibly supernaturally charged. It was discovered that the Bellaire House sits on what is known as a Leyline. This means there is a consistent wellspring of paranormal activity that goes all through the house. Sitting on top of Coal Mine #1, this brings incredible energy to the property and the tragedies that followed many of the miners as they made a living. In addition, Haunted properties are thought to be affected by burial grounds and waterways.

Behind the Bellaire House sits a Native American burial cave and the property lies right across the mighty Ohio River. These are credited for bringing much spiritual activity into the house, as well. Dark spirits are removed from the house, to be replaced soon enough by others.

When the owner of the house first moved to this historical house in 2005, she was not aware of the intensity of the haunts that lurked her home. Soon she discovered that it was common to hear strange disembodied voices, phantom footsteps, and other unexplained activity.

Over the course of the next few months, things got worse. The family was terrorized with constant bad luck, oppressive energies. There was even violent paranormal activity that peaked one evening when the family dog was actually thrown against a bedroom wall while the owner herself was held down by an unseen force. That night was the final straw and the family abandoned the terrifying home.

They still own the home, but now have taken the opportunity to use it for more paranormal research. It offers opportunities for guests to experience a true haunted house while learning the historical and archeological that influences the supernatural strength this special property has.

There are two spirits that roam the Bellaire House today, and strangely, they are both named Emily Davis. One used to play at the Bellaire House when she was a child. The second Emily Davis was much older than the child. One Emily Davis was known to have drowned. The other Emily Davis was known as a close friend to the original owner of the land. For some strange reason, the house seems to draw individuals who have similar first and last names. The Emily Davis pair is just one of many coincidences.

Bellaire House has been featured on TLC's "Paranormal Lockdown" and hosts many paranormal investigation teams and documentary groups of the haunted. Today it operates as an ongoing paranormal research center, opening its doors for stay overs, investigations, and special events.

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