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Omni Parker House Hotel

Omni Parker House Hotel

60 School Street
Boston, Massachusetts
02108 USA

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Boston, MA is home to one of the most haunted locations in the state,  Omni Parker House. Come explore it with Haunted Journeys.


The original Parker House Hotel opened on the site on October 8, 1855, making it the longest continuously operating hotel in the United States. A legendary symbol in downtown Boston, Omni Parker House boasts old-world charm and elegance accompanied by all of the modern conveniences of a world-class establishment. Nestled in the heart of Boston and located along the Freedom Trail and at the foot of Beacon Hill, Boston Common, Quincy Market, and Faneuil Hall Marketplace.


The very first owner, Harvey D. Parker, was known as the ultimate host, and apparently continues the tradition even after his death; He occasionally drops in on his guests to make sure they are satisfied by their stay! This hotel has a long history of haunts!

Back in 1950, he was found standing outside room 1078 by a woman who was a guest at the hotel. She is on record that at first it was a misty apparition and we she fully appeared, it turned aimed towards her. Harvey is not the only ghost here. The smell of whiskey and the sound of laughter from room 303 after a businesswoman died there. In fact, Stephen King’s short story 1408, was based on the paranormal experiences in room 303.

More claims about the hauntings in this Boston property include elevators which are called to empty floors. There are shadowy men with stovepipe hats pacing the hallways and unnerving sounds of creaking rocking chairs that shatter the silence of the night. Here, you might even run into the ghost of a 19th-century whiskey salesman who lives in the closet of room 303 and plants booze-soaked kisses on slumbering female guests.

There is also a celebrity ghost that haunts this hotel. Actress, Charlotte Cushman, died in the hotel in 1876. If you want a chance to have a connection with Charlotte, ask to stay in Room 303. Guests have reported seeing shadows here. Charlotte may turn on the faucets to get your attention. Unfortunately, there's not a chance your request will be honored. The room has been turned into a storage room with no explanation!

Could it be the activity that is very intense due to an (unconfirmed) suicide that was also committed in this room? You can’t walk two feet without stumbling over some historic artifact or the site of a ghostly encounter at the Parker. With gentle prodding, concierge Seamus Murphy -- who’s worked for the hotel for over 30 years -- will regale guests all these tales! If you are faint of heart you might want to consider a backup escape plan if you are booked into this creepy haunted Boston landmark.

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