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Stay on Main Hotel (Cecil Hotel)

Stay on Main Hotel (Cecil Hotel)

640 South Main Street
Los Angeles, California
90014 United States

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Los Angeles, CA is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, Stay on Main (Cecil Hotel). Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.


The Cecil was rbuilt in 1924 and opened in 1927 as a destination for business travelers and tourists. It boasted an opulent marble lobby with stained-glass windows, potted palms, and alabaster statuary. Although the hotel flourished as a fashionable destination through the 1940s, the hotel began to decline, as the nearby area known as Skid Row became increasingly populated with transients. As many as 10,000 homeless people lived within a four-mile radius. By the 1950s, the hotel had gained a reputation as a residence for transients. In 2007, a portion of the hotel was refurbished after new owners took over. In 2011, the Cecil Hotel was rebranded as "Stay on Main".In 2014, the hotel was sold again and the owner said he was committed to the preservation of architecturally or historically significant components such as the hotel's grand lobby. In February 2017, the Los Angeles City Council voted to deem the Cecil a historic-cultural monument, because it is representative of an early 20th century American hotel and because of the historic significance of its architect's body of work.


When the area where the Cecil Hotel is located began to decline, suicides and other violent deaths on the premises became more frequent. The first documented suicide at the Cecil was reported in 1931, when a guest named W.K. Norton died in his room after taking poison capsules.Throughout the 1940s and 1950s, more suicides at the Cecil occurred. In 1947, Elizabeth Short, dubbed by the media as the Black Dahlia, was rumored to have been spotted drinking at the Cecil's bar in the days before her still unsolved murder. In 1962, Pauline Otten jumped from a ninth-floor window, killing herself and an unsuspecting George Gianni when she landed on top of him as he walked down the sidewalk. That same year, Julia Moore jumped from an eighth floor window, and Helen Gurnee from the seventh floor in 1954. Please select tag below to see more listings like this!

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