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Cathedral House Hotel

Cathedral House Hotel

28-32 Cathedral Square
Haunted Scotland

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Glasgow is home to one of the most haunted places in Scotland, Cathedral House Hotel.  Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The History

Built in 1877, the Cathedral House Hotel was constructed in Scottish Baronial style. It is located in the heart of Glasgow's most historic area. The hotel sits directly across the street from the spooky Glasgow Necropolis. It also has a very troubling connection to the (now demolished) Duke Street Prison. In fact, the originating purpose of the property was to serve as a hostel for inmates released from the Duke Street Prison. This prison was known to be unforgiving where many atrocities, poor living conditions, and executions were experienced.  The last hanging of a woman was done here back in 1923.

Even though in 1958, the prison was demolished a section of its grimly old walls still stands as a gruesome reminder of the darkness that occurred during its existence. Legends and rumors are prevalent today, which testifies that the demolition of the old prison may have actually displaced some lingering ghosts that have taken sanctuary space in the Cathedral House Hotel.

The Hauntings

There is little doubt that the strong troubling history and its association to the Duke Street Prison, has a strong influence on the intensity of the hauntings here at the Cathedral House Hotel. But having this property right across from another very haunted landmark, the Glasgow Necropolis (a very old cemetery) certainly surges its spectral energy.  

Apparitions of children are often seen, as well as hearing their disembodied giggling on the top floor. One little chap prefers to hand around the main staircase of the property. You may feel him whisking against you as you climb the stairwell.  This mischievous little boy has been reportedly been seen running through the downstairs bar area before disappearing right through a wall.

There is a story wish tells of a woman that was just released from the Duke Street Prison was reunited with her two young children at the old hostel, of what is today the Cathedral House Hotel. The woman who must have been suffering some form of mental break became distraught, believing that her children would be taken away from her once again. Sadly, her way of coping with this anxiety was to drown both of her children in one of the hotel’s bathtubs. Since their tragic deaths, many have reportedly encountered the ghosts of these young children, particularly in the upstairs bedrooms where their deaths occurred. They have been seen and heard, giggling and playing by many people passing through the haunted hotel. Could these be children that are heard?

The activity here is too numerous to list, not having any specific patterns, except for its unpredictability to spook many of its guests. Many have cited seeing the apparition of a young woman. Expect to hear disembodied voices as well, just about anywhere in the hotel. Poltergeist activity has also been reported, with chairs moving on their own.

The old wall that is the only surviving structure from the Duke Street Prison is also allegedly haunted. The ghost of a lone woman is said to hang around that area, always dressed in white and aimlessly wandering around, before disappearing back into thin air.


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