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Menger Hotel

Menger Hotel

204 Alamo Plaza
San Antonio, Texas
78205 USA

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San Antonio, TX is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, Menger Hotel. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The History

Opened by William Menger on February 1, 1859, it is one of the best known and oldest hotels in Texas. It was also constructed on the site of Menger's Brewery, the first brewery in Texas.

Menger was a German Immigrant in the early 1840s and started a brewery here in Texas. In 1857 he and decided to build a hotel to accommodate the many carousers who frequented his brewery. Soon, he hired local architect, John M. Fries to design the two-story cut-stone building, which featured an abundance of classical detail. The hotel was so successful it was decided to build an addition between the hotel and his brewery. The 40 room annex was completed in 1859. Of course, there would be a tunnel that connects the Menger's basement to the brewery for selected guest tours.

It was declared to be the finest hotel west of the Mississippi River. Notables that have stayed here include Sam Houston, Generals Lee and Grant, and Presidents McKinley, Taft, Eisenhower, Teddy & Franklin Roosevelt, Babe Ruth, and Mae West.

In March of 1871, Menger died at the hotel leaving his widow and son to manage the enterprise. This is about the time that the Civil War ended and its reconstruction took place. The Menger became the best-known hotel in the Southwest.

President Teddy Roosevelt had a relatively important relationship here, for here is where he recruited cowboys from the Chisholm Trail to join his armies during the Spanish American War. Reportedly, Teddy would sit at the bar and called onto cowboys for free drinks, and convince them when they weren't thinking to join his military efforts. Many sobered up the next morning to find themselves on their way to basic military training at Fort Sam Houston before joining in the Spanish American War.

It went through some additional extensions to grow its capacity and one large renovation in the 1980s. Today, the Menger Hotel is proudly listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Hauntings

The hauntings are beyond intensive. They are almost classical. The most prominent phantom here is President Teddy Roosevelt, due to his favoring of the work that he executed here. Over the years, Roosevelt has reportedly been seen having a drink at the dark little barroom off the main lobby. In fact he is not alone! The spirits of some of the Rough Riders he recruited have also been seen here.

Another spectral being is that of a woman called Sallie White, who was a chambermaid that worked at the hotel. The story goes that she had an argument with her husband, she stayed overnight at the hotel. A few days later, on March 28, he attacked her at the hotel. She died two days after succumbing to her sustained injuries. The hotel actually paid their respects for her poor soul paying for her funeral cost that toppled over $32.00. Her apparition is seen performing her duties within the Victorian wing of the hotel. She wears an old long gray skirt and a bandana around her forehead, the common uniform of a matron in that era. She normally appears after dusk, seen waling along the hotel hallways, carrying a load of clean towels for her guests.

Another ghost is that of Captain Richard King, an owner of the largest ranches in the world, back then, called The King Ranch. He was a frequent guest at the Menger, having a personal suite withing the hotel reserved for him. When he found out he was going to die soon from a terminal illness, he spent the last months of his life at the Menger. Here he wrote his last will and testimony and said his goodbyes to his friends. His funeral was held at the Menger's parlor on April 15, 1885. His suite today is known as the "King Ranch Room." As predicted, he has a presence there. He is often seen entering his old room, going right through the wall where the door was once located, a sign of residual energy.

Another female apparition is often seen sitting in the original lobby of the historic hotel, wearing a period blue dress, small wire-framed specs, and a tasseled beret in her hair. You may see her quietly knitting. Once she was asked by an employee if she was comfortable and whether she needed anything. she answered "no" before quickly dissolving into thin air.

Other ghosts make themselves known in the kitchen area, with utensils floating through the air, and utensils are seen transporting themselves from one area to another as if held by invisible hands. Because the hotel is so close to the Alamo, it is predictable that some of its phantoms of those that lost their lives there come into the Menger. You may hear their heavy footsteps and kicks from their old military boots.

Though the numbers of spectral entities and supernatural activities are bountiful here at the historic Menger Hotel, there is no harm or negativity here. They are perfect examples when spectral energies are there to tell their story to be sure the history is not forgotten. For paranormal enthusiasts, this is an amazing place to satisfy your curiosities.


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