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Buffalo Bill's Irma Hotel

Buffalo Bill's Irma Hotel

1192 Sheridan Avenue
Cody, Wyoming
82414 USA

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Cody, WY is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, Buffalo Bill's Irma Hotel. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The History

This hotel was built by Buffalo Bill Cody, opening on November 18, 1902. He christened it with his daughter's name, Irma. Cody invited all sorts of journalists and dignitaries from as far away as Boston, which quickly led it to become the social center of Cody. A Cherrywood bar in the dining room of the Irma Hotel was gifted to Buffalo Bill Cody by England’s Queen Victoria after his Wild West Show performed for the queen’s Golden Jubilee.

Things started getting a bit tough for the Cody family. Unfortunately, Buffalo Bill started having some financial problems. Under pressure from creditors, he was forced to sign over the hotel to his wife Louisa in 1913. Unfortunately, at that time she was on bad terms with him. On October 15, 1918, his daughter, Irma Louise Cody Garlow, died of influenza and pneumonia in the hotel when she was only 35. Her death was just a few days after her husband and hotel manager, Fred Garlow also succumbs to pneumonia. Her dad, Buffalo Bill died the year before in 1917. Tragic histories indeed.

After Cody's death in 1917, the hotel was foreclosed and sold to Barney Link. Before the end of the year, Link also died and his estate sold the property back to Louisa Cody. She kept it until she died in 1925. New owners, Henry, and Pearl Newell, gradually expanded the hotel. They built an annex around 1930 on the west side to accommodate the new road visitors via automobile. After her husband's death in 1940, Pearl Newell operated the hotel until her own death in 1965. She left the hotel's extensive collection of Buffalo Bill memorabilia to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center and stipulated that proceeds from the estate be used as an endowment for the museum.

The hotel and restaurant have been included in the National Reister of Historic places in 1973, and today enjoys a thriving tourism business. And yes, it is a favorite for ghost hunters as well!

The Hauntings

This is a wild west hotel where you will find friendly ghosts floating around its halls. Some may even hang out in a few special rooms at the hotel or do mischievous activity in its dining room. Most special of all, you just might see a celebrity ghost, that of its original owner, William "Buffalo Bill" Cody, or his daughter, Irma.

Need to reserve a spooky room. You may wish to ask for Room 35. Known as the Parl Stock room, it's one of the original 15 rooms when it first opened. Here water in the bathroom will turn on by unseen hands. Guests have also claimed that their clothing and other personal belongings are neatly moved to different places while they are sleeping. Yup, the spirits in the room also like to change the decor, by placing artwork that was carefully hung by the staff and placing them on the floor.

Others have also heard disembodied voices speaking to them in this room. Some have even been awoken by the touch of invisible cold hands. And, of course, they do appear to guests and staff at times. An apparition of the bottom half of a soldier in a cavalry uniform with a sword has been seen a few times! By the way, this is a favorite for paranormal investigation teams, since it's got three beds to spread out on. But ask for an extra blanket, this is the only room (even on hot summer days) that will stay icy as a tomb!

If Room 35 is booked, ask for Room 16 for equal levels of spooky treats! Here guests have reported an apparition that matches the description of Buffalo Bill's daughter, Irma Cody Garlow. Her phantom is usually spotted sitting ina rocking chair in the corner of the room.

Spectral activity is also found in room 20, known as the Colonel Cody Suite. Paranormal investigators have detected high levels of supernatural activity here and off the chart results with their investigation equipment.
Want to interact with the infamous Buffalo Bill's spirit? You might see him wandering in the hallways late at night. One employee recalled hearing his spurs jangle in the bar when there was no one there.

While eating at the hotel, you may be joined by spectral entities as well. Servers in the dining room have reported seeing guests sitting in the booths in the restaurant. But seconds when they return to the table to serve them, they are not there.

No matter where you roam in this historical masterpiece of a hotel, you will be likely to have some type of supernatural activity! We've added some spectral images below on our second gallery of photos.


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