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The Sheridan Inn

The Sheridan Inn

856 Broadway Street
Sheridan, Wyoming
82801 USA

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Sheridan, WY is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, The Sheridan Inn. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The History

The Sheridan Inn was constructed in1883. Equipped with the first bathtubs and electric lights in this part of Wyoming, it was one of the finest hospitality offerings between Chicago and San Francisco. Buffalo Bill Cody actually owned the hotel from 1893 until 1901, managing the hotel that originated to meet the bustling railroad guests from until 1896. He also attracted the sportsmen for big game hunting in the Big Horn Mountains to the west. When Buffalo Bill was in town he lived at the inn and held many parties for his traveling companions. He also hosted numerous notable guests, auditioning talent for his Wild West Show from its front porch during his management. Over the years, many famous people have stayed at the Inn including Earnest Hemingway, President Hoover, Will Rogers, Bob Hope, and many more.

In 1901, a young lady called Catherine B. Arnold arrived from Virginia on a train with her parents. She was looking for adventure and thus, fell in love with the Sheridan Inn. At the age of 22, Miss Kate (as she was known) started working and living at the Sheridan Inn. She remained there for 64 years, working as a seamstress, desk clerk, housekeeper, hostess, and even babysitter. As a staple in the hotel for almost 7 decades, she was beloved by the staff and many of her guests. Flowers from her garden behind the Inn decorated the dining room tables every day. She stayed at the hotel until 1965 when it was closed and sold to a developer, who planned to tear it down and use the land for other purposes. In 1968, Miss Kate passed away. Her last request was to return to the Sheridan Inn. To fulfill her wishes, after she was cremated, her ashes were buried in the wall of the room that she occupied for so many years. It is located on the third floor.

Later that same year, several advocacy groups also stopped the impending demolition of the hotel. With the help of a "Save the Inn" campaign, the hotel was declared a National Historic Landmark. This may have saved its condemnation. Later, the inn was purchased by Neltje Doubleday Kings, who had recently moved to the area from New York City. She undertook renovations. She reopened the Inn’s saloon and the dining room. She added the Ladies Parlor and the Wyoming Room. After the exchange of many hands in ownership, the inn was purchased by Bob and Dana Townsend of Tulsa. The hotel rooms were opened to the public for the first time in over 50 years on May 15, 2015. There is a lovely bronze statue in front of the inn called "The Dance". It depicts a couple from the 1800's dancing. It was cast and mounted in 2010 in front of the historic Sheridan Inn.

Miss Kate’s room was fully renovated by the Preceptor Tau Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Sorority, who took on the room as a community project. Miss Kate’s favorite chair was placed next to the wall where her ashes were buried. Today, legend has it that Miss Kate continues to act as guardian over the Inn.

The Hauntings

Miss Kate has a friendly and protective presence at the Inn. There are so many reports of encounters with Miss Kate, especially as her favorite room was part of a renovation recently that turned it into part of the hallway. So much are the reports, that the Inn keeps a special logbook of its supernatural activity. Miss Kate’s favorite chair was placed next to the wall where her ashes were buried during the renovation. She is often seen wandering the halls of what was her earthly home. Some have seen her sewing on her turn of the century sewing machine. Sometimes, Kate will make her presence known by turning on and off lights on the third floor.

You may randomly experience cold spots near the front downstairs windows or in the ballroom. Other times, many have reported hearing the sounds of footsteps throughout the old inn. One person reported driving by the inn at 2:00 a.m. to see the third-floor windows dark with the drapes closed. However, thirty minutes later, they drove by again and the lights were on and the drapes were open. There was no explanation for this since the inn was obviously closed at that time of the night. According to staff, there would not be anyone on the third floor during these wee hours of the morning.


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Date added: Jun/12/2020 | Last time updated: Jun/14/2021

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