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The Virginian Hotel

The Virginian Hotel

404 Lincoln Highway
Medicine Bow, Wyoming
82329 USA

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Medicine Bow, WY is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, The Virginian Hotel. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The History

The historic hotel’s construction began in 1901 and was completed in 1911 It was built by August Grimm, who was also the first mayor of the town of Medicine Bow. His partner was George Plummer. Upon its completion, it was the largest hotel between Denver and Salt Lake City. The hotel is thought to be named for the famous novel written in Medicine Bow, The Virginian by Owen Wister, which is considered to be the first novel ever written about the wild west. It was a tremendous best seller for many years, Even today, the origins of this books brings many tourists to this hotel.

Many folks say this hotel is out of place, in the small town of Medicine Bow. But locals will passionately disagree. The town of Medicine Bow began with a bang, as a result of the establishment of the transcontinental Union Pacific railroad through this location in 1867. The Virginian Hotel had the first electric lights and sewer system in town. The hotel was built to serve as headquarters for all to meet and eat as they did business negotiations in Medicine Bowl. It also provided a place for cowboys and railroad workers to stay while they were in town. It was the social centerpiece of Medicine Bow, filling the needs for a place to hold social events, honeymoons, romantic getaway, dances, and family dinners and gatherings. This hotel was truly an iconic staple in the city, for it solidified as a landmark for the town of Medicine Bow as well as a Historic Landmark for the state of Wyoming for nearly 100 years.

The Hauntings

The staff and regulars of the Virginian do not ignore or even dismiss the hauntings in this century-old property. In fact, they affectionately refer to the spirits inhabiting the building as “Our Friends.” Because this hotel has been the gatherer for all in this noble city for decades, it is not surprising that the phantoms of days gone by have gathered here as well! In fact, many paranormal investigators have actually declared that this quaint little hotel is the most haunted of all in the State of Wyoming!

One of the more intriguing spirits in the Historic Virginian is one that is referred to as the Woman in Beige. The local legend goes that the woman in beige was waiting in the hotel for her fiance to come from back east by the train. When he didn’t come, she was said to have thrown herself out of the third-floor window. She has never left. Some guests also report hearing a large crash coming from this end of the hallway, and what is known as the "Back 40” section of the saloon directly below it. Not sure if this is the same gal, but another claim of having seen an apparition of a female phantom that wears a white gown.

Another spectral entity is that of young children who amuse themselves by playing in the sitting room on the first floor. One such child even scared one of the saloon regulars so badly, he reportedly went from grumpy and drunk, to stone-cold sober in an instant.

Finally, the most prominent of the ghosts is that described as a chivalrous cowboy that displays a mischievous streak. He is called Hank. Hank is very popular at the hotel, often speaking of him very affectionately by nearly everyone in the Virginian. He has been seen as a tall cowboy with a period hat and duster. For some reason, he quite often enjoys pushing glasses off the table. One of his favorite places to hang out is, of course, the bar. He does get a kick about the television, playing with this mechanical box! He's also a gentleman, with an affinity to open doors for ladies as they reach for them. Hank’s legend is nearly as sad as that of the woman in beige. He’s also said to be a victim of a broken heart, who died of a heart attack on the third floor while waiting for his wife to come from back east. Even with this, no one ever gets any feelings of anger or sadness from him.

As an added treat, there is another entity that is many suspects may have been a former employee or owner. This is assumed from their constant behavior and activity. They like to visit the rooms and the restaurant and help out. Unfortunately, this leads to things being picked up and moved to this entity and repositioned in places that make no sense, at least to the living. Then there is the bed in one room that shows signs of being used just minutes after it is made. One of the owners contributed, “You can make it right now, and right after that, butt cheeks (imprints will appear) in there like somebody sat down,” he said.

Ask to stay on the third floor if you want to capture the best supernatural experience. If Room 34 is available, grab it! This is Hank's favorite room. He's been known to sit and share your antique bed, and sometimes turn on the television for you. Here you will hear plenty of footsteps walking on the hallway. You think that you would see a shadow from the window above the door coming from the hall as the footsteps approach your door, but you won't.

During your daring stay at The Virginian Hotel, you will find unusual cold spots throughout the hotel on the warmest days of the year. Apparitions of entities have appeared in front of the unsuspecting guests. Some you will find creep in from the corner of the eyes. You may hear music from another time in places where the hotel entertained their guests. This is probably part of the strong residual spiritual energy that is imprinted on this property.

Want more details of the haunts here. You'll need to experience it for yourself! To some, the ghostly activity has been so strange and unusual that visitors are not even able to describe it. But fair warnings! Don't expect a full night's rest here at The Virginian Hotel. You may not get it, but it's not due to the lovely accommodations. From night time to the early break of day, this will be one of the most spectacular ghostly busiest nights of your life.


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