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Llanfihangel Crucorney is home to one of the most haunted places in Wales, Skirrid Mountain Inn.  Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The History

Skirrid Mountain Inn, known as the oldest pub in Wales, has surfaced historical records that date back to 1100. This is the time of the Norman Conquest. The pub used to entertain several Kings from both England and Wales, who used the archaic mounting stone in the courtyard to alight their horse.

Famous historical characters have also visited this inn during their travels. Shakespeare himself is said to have taken inspiration from this place. Many also believe that the Skirrid Mountain Inn was the very place where the Welsh ruler Owain Glyndŵr. A popular legend remains that Glyndŵr's used the Inn as a rallying point, he organized local supporters of the Welsh Revolt against the rule of England's Henry IV. Glyndŵr personally organized his troops in the cobbled courtyard before raiding nearby settlements sympathetic to the English in the 15th-century. It has also been thought to be where the dying and wounded soldiers would go back to after fighting the battle, to heal.

One of the most important and infamous historical chronicles is its connection to a most malevolent and notorious Judge Jeffreys. He was known as the hanging judge. Local legend has been passed through the generations that he held court, judgment, and execution of punishment at the Skirrid. It is rumored that around 180 hangings took place overlooking the inn's staircase.

The punishment took place inside the Skirrid mountain inn wales itself and above the staircase filled with darkness, a 900-year-old sunbeam exists right outside the courtroom, which depicts the blots from the hangman’s rope. Although not the original, the staircase leading up to the upper floors displays a noose, a chilling reminder of all the executions that were carried out within the building. In addition, the old prisoner holding cell still exists today on the first floor, currently used as a storage cupboard.

The Hauntings

With over 900 years of ruthless execution, suffering, and witchcraft, it is no shock why the Skirrid Mountain Inn holds a haunting reputation. This is what deems the Skirrid was one of the most haunted in all of the United Kingdom.

Within the inn's haunted reputation has been celebrated by the media by such shows as "Extreme Ghost Stories" and series two of "Most Haunted" with Yvette Fielding. But what do the locals, and more importantly, the staff have to say about spectral activity that occurs there?

The working staff at the inn have asserted hearing ghostly footsteps and guffawing laughter. They have also witnessed sudden and unexplained changes in temperature. Local patrons and guests have reported sniffing perfumes from unidentified sources. They also have heard the swooshing sound of a woman's dress and soldiers trooping. Many say these may be the troops of Owen Glyndwr. Many have also reported being overcome with dizziness when ascending the staircase and most frighteningly to feel as though they are being choked before developing rope burn on their necks.

The former landlady of the Skirrid Mountian Inn, Heather Grant, reported when she first time she moved in, she was horror-struck with all the paranormal activity happening at the inn. She admitted to once seeing a very frightening shadow walking up the stairs and near the corridor. Upon deciding she was going to put the inn on the market in 2002, she stated glasses started unexplainably flying in the air in the kitchen.

Skirrid Inn's most famous phantoms are very strong, presenting as full-bodied apparitions. In the courtyard, an apparition of the White Lady has been seen on many occasions by many visitors and staff. Some have also seen the ghost of a sheep rustler, known as John Crowther, who regularly haunts the establishment. He is said to have been executed here for his crimes and remains here with much anger over the outcome of his hearing and the verdict.

Another specter that has been seen is that of a local priest, allegedly known as Father Henry Vaughn. He is said to roam the downstairs pub area, looking out for the building and its inhabitants.

Let us not forget the unpleasant and troubled spirit of Judge Jeffries, who haunts the upper levels of the Inn. He is described (as he was in life) as a nasty ghost. Legend says his spirit has remained within the property to seek out more death with his next hanging victim.

Another phantom thought to be even more horrific than Judge John Jefferies is that of a former hangman who lurks around on the upper floors of the inn, especially on the staircase where so many hangings were performed. His malevolent apparition has been seen by many and is usually described as a tall, foreboding, black, shadow-like mass.

The most active space of the Skirrid mountain inn are the guest rooms. Historically, the spectral remnants of agony and despair are forever imprinted in two of the bedrooms there was once the courthouse. Of these, Rooms 2 and 3 are the most troubled, haunted by the spirit of Fanny Price who worked in the inn during the 18th century. At the age of 35, she died of tuberculosis. Since her death, she has been seen, heard, with her lingering scent detected all throughout the Skirrid Inn.

When in Wales, this is one of the "most visit" stops. Geoff, the current owner, will provide much of its tormented history and the haunts that remain there so no one will ever forget.


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