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Tillie Pierce House

Tillie Pierce House

301 Baltimore Street
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
17325-2602 United States

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Gettysburg is home to one of the most haunted places in Pennsylvania, Tillie Pierce House. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys. 

The History

The Tillie Pierce House Inn is named for the famous young lady who lived here during the battle.

Matilda J. “Tillie” Pierce was born in 1848 in Gettysburg. She was 15 years old when the Battle of Gettysburg was fought in July of 1863. She watched the Union army march through town, and at the urging of her family, Tillie and some friends left the town and went to what they thought would be a safe farmhouse. Jacob Weikert’s farmhouse was located at the base of Little Round Top.

During the battle, Tillie provided water and food to the soldiers and assisted the surgeons and nurses caring for the wounded. On July 7, 1863, she went back to her home. She said, “The whole landscape had been changed and I felt as though we were in a strange and blighted land.” She continued to help care for the wounded after the battle. Twenty-five years later, she wrote a book about her experiences during that time. “At Gettysburg, Or What A Girl Saw And Heard Of The Battle” is still in print today and available for purchase at the Inn.

The Hauntings

Hauntings ofter surge when there are complexities of incredible history, mixed with personal characteristics of passion, and courage. With this, spirits tend to linger in places they once lived and served. These are core properties of what makes the Tillie Pierce House one of the most haunted properties and Gettysburg!

Tillie Pierce is one of the bravest civilians to spring into action after the Battle of Gettysburg broke out. Without questioning her own safety, she rose to the occasion to assist tending to wounded soldiers who were hurt in battle. Learn about the haunted Tillie Pierce House Inn. At only 15-years-old, Tillie showed more courage and selflessness than some men. She amputated injured arms and legs, sewed up bleeding gouges, and dressed wounds well into the night during the war.

Featured on television series that focus on the paranormal, the Tillie Pierce House Inn has gained quite the following due to its haunted nature. Ghost-hunters and those curious in the otherworldly will often frequent the inn with the hopes of encountering a poltergeist or two.

Considered the most haunted room in all of the inn, the “Blue Room” is said to be inhabited by soldiers who were once treated by Tillie. Their footsteps can be heard marching through the halls and in the attic above.

Patrolling troops have been witnessed by guests, with one such apparition that routinely wanders up and down the stairs. Guests have even been scared out of their wits upon entering their rooms and seeing a ghost sitting on the edge of their bed.

Ghostly children have been encountered playing within the bed and breakfast, only to vanish right before guests’ eyes. Strangely, there is even the poltergeist of a cat that has been seen scampering about. While there are many sightings of apparitions, never have any of them appeared to be malevolent in any manner; always helpful and friendly to all who visit the inn.


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