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Chapman Inn

Chapman Inn

2 Church Street
Bethel, Maine
04217 USA

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Bethel, ME is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, Chapman Inn. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The History

The Chapman Inn in Bethel was built in 1865. It was the home of the wealthy William Rogers Chapman family. He and his wife Emma had a daughter named Abigail, born with compromised physical health. Abigail's health, as she grew older, did not improve. She needed so much more care, that William Chapman brought into the home a companion/nanny for her. Throughout Abigail’s short life her companion was her only friend and interaction with the outside world. After Abigail passed away at the age of 16. The companion stayed on in the house, although in a somewhat different capacity.

When William Chapman died in 1927, he left a widow and several of their children a substantial fortune. However, the home, along with enough money to operate it, he left in trust. The trust designated that the companion should have it as long as she lived in it. Rumor has it, had at some point she was Chapman’s mistress. While the widow went to New York and enjoyed the life of a socialite, the companion stayed in Bethel and lived in this house until the day she died, in 1957, 30 years later.

The Hauntings

The troubled history that has been endured by the inn from the past, may explain some of the many unexplained activities that occur here. This includes doors that open and close on their own. Some here disembodied footsteps where no one is there. Others feel cold drafts in closed rooms with no sources, even on hot summer days and nights. Disembodied voices from a woman have been heard. One is very young, perhaps belonging to Abigal who died when she was 16. Apparitions through a white mist have been seen and captured in a photo. Look below in our Gallery Two for the image. There have been two reported sightings of a black cat that exited the room quickly when the room was entered. Normally this would not be an issue, except the cat left the room through a solid wall.

The innkeeper, Sandy Frye, once commented "My one granddaughter (Allana) was up in Room One, and the housekeeper's in cleaning the bathroom," (and) "She (The housekeeper) hears Allana talking, and she comes out and says Allana who are you talking to? And Allana says 'I'm talking to her,' and points at nothing."

The Chapman Inn is the only officially “Certified Haunted” inn in western Maine. After many years of unexplained, and perhaps supernatural, happenings occurred at the inn, a certified paranormal investigator (Para Patrol) was called upon to do an in-depth study of the Chapman Inn. The investigator spent several days on this duty, utilizing all of the modern and industry-accepted technologies. His summation indicated that the inn is definitely haunted, and almost certainly by at least two entities. He determined with much certainty that one of the spirits is very likely that of Abigail Chapman, who was the invalid daughter of William Rogers Chapman, an early and long time owner of the home. The second spirit is that of the companion, after all, she was her living companion, and would make sense she would do the same in the afterlife. She also was the caregiver of the home for many years through the end of her life. This is another duty she completes in, what it is today, the inn.

You may consider attending one of their "Come Meet the Spirits" nights at The Chapman Inn> Here you will hear all the stories connected to the supernatural activity here.


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