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Golden Lamb

Golden Lamb

Lebanon, Ohio
45036 USA

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Lebanon OH is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, Golden Lamb. Come explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The History

Jonas Seaman bought a license to operate a house of public entertainment in 1803 in the newly-founded village of Lebanon. I am sure he never expected that more than 200 years later, his establishment would still be offering food and lodging for travelers. His wife, Martha, was an excellent cook and with the help of servants, the new tavern became a popular place to stop for meals or a room.

When the first courthouse was built directly across the street in 1805, The Golden Lamb became even busier. Due to economic problems, Seaman was forced to hold a public sale to pay his debts in 1809. Ichabod Corwin, one of the founders of Lebanon, bought the old Seaman house and built a brick inn and tavern to replace the old log tavern. Starting in the 1820s, the Inn became a house of public entertainment, plays, concerts, lectures, operas, all performed here.

The Inn has had several owners throughout its long history. The Jones family purchased the property in 1926 continue to own the Golden Lamb today.

The Hauntings

The stories of activity include a small female child; some say it is a former owner's daughter Sarah. In Sarah's Room, one of the museum rooms at the Inn, objects move on there own and pictures have been knocked off the wall. A housekeeper working on the fourth floor heard what she described as a tricycle in the hallway and she heard a voice say, "Sarah's back," she rushed out into the hall and no one was there.

In one room, an apparition is seen standing at the foot of the bed and the lights and TV turn off and on by themselves. There is another apparition seen in the building, which is thought to be Clement Vallandingham, who accidentally shot himself and died in the Inn. Chairs and silverware are moved about in the dining room.

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Date added: Jan/24/2017 | Last time updated: Jul/06/2020
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