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Historic Argo Hotel

Historic Argo Hotel

Crofton, Nebraska
68730 USA

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Crofton NE is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, the Historic Argo Hotel. Come explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The History

The blossoming railroad town of Crofton, Nebraska had ample well-serving amenities in the early 20th century. The one thing it lacked was a modern hotel to house weary traveling businessmen. So in 1911, local businessman Nick Michaelis began construction of the new hotel. The Argo hotel was completed in 1912 to serve the area's railroad passengers. Twelve years later, it was sold and the name changed to the New Meridian Hotel.

In 1940, the hotel became a doctor's office and hospital called the New Meridian Clinic. All the space needed for the clinic was located on the first floor and the second floor was unused. When the doctor moved out, the building sat empty until the 1990s.

In 1994, Sandra McDonald and Jerry Bogner, brother and sister business partners and natives of Crofton, purchased the building and painstakingly restored it to its original grandeur. They restored the building's name, once again, became the Argo Hotel. After having been a medical building for such a long time, the building held on to many of its memories. The owner and guests reported seeing many spirits roaming the hotel, but none of them were described as menacing or scary. They simply wander about as if they are still guests of the fabulous hotel, or perhaps waiting for their appointment with the good doctor.

A burlap sack of bones was found inside of a wall, and at first, it was thought that these were the bones of a baby who had died in the building when it was a medical clinic. The owner buried the bones in the hopes of giving the little one some peace.

The story of the bones, however, is not quite as tragic as it originally seemed. It was found, rather than a baby's remains, the burlap sack actually contained those of an animal.

The Hauntings

Renovations, in most situations, could surface the ghosts and phantoms that lie deep with historical properties. This remained consistent at the Historic Argo Hotel.

The most common unexplained ghostly activity that has been reported include cold spots, doors closing with no apparent cause, pictures that move on their own, and wandering apparitions.

Guests and staff have reported seeing a woman's ghost in the basement bar area. Lovingly, they call her Alice. It is said you can hear her crying because she is looking for her baby (or maybe her lost dog or cat)?.

Feel comforted, for no one has reported feeling threatened by the hauntings; they're just part of the hotel's background. Paranormal researchers have visited the hotel and concluded that it is, indeed, the site of pleasant (and not threatening) paranormal activity.


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