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Aaah! T'Frere's Bed & Breakfast

Aaah! T'Frere's Bed & Breakfast

Lafayette, Louisiana
70508 USA

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Lafayette, LA is home to one of the most haunted places the State, T'Frere's Bed & Breakfast Come explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

Originally built in the late 1800’s on a 72-acre plot by a guy named W. Comeaux, Aaah! T'Frere's Bed & Breakfast has been a staple in the Hub City for over a century. Today’s, its owner, Maugie Pastor, freely suggests that the most haunted of the inn’s room is the front bedroom, a room, claiming most of the most activity. Maugie recalls that within the last year, two men had felt a heaviness in their chests while in this room. The two men had reported the same feeling but separately; they didn’t know each other. This property is said to haunted by the ghost of a woman named Amelie who died falling into a well and was refused a proper Catholic burial after her death was ruled a suicide. Another credited spirit is that of the sister of Oneziphone Comeaux, the original owner. Comeaux could have been buried, somewhere under the home itself. She is known to be a “canaille”, Cajun for a mischievous person.

Many have claimed to have seen the apparition of one or the other of the ladies. Sometimes doorknobs turn and open on their own. Footsteps can be heard in empty rooms in the house, and whistling back while the staff whistle as they work! A chilling story is told when a pest control worker was up here in the attic, when suddenly he saw an apparition of Amélie come from behind this chimney. The worker said she was wearing a rose-colored dress, and told him to come towards him, and she was also speaking French. Make sure you sharpened your linguistics before coming over!

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