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Historic Anchorage Hotel

Historic Anchorage Hotel

330 E Street
Anchorage, Alaska
99501 USA

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Anchorage AK is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, Historic Anchorage Hotel. Come explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The History

Established in 1916, Anchorage was in its infancy when the original Anchorage Hotel structure was constructed. Anchorage was growing quickly and the hotel expanded to its current building in 1936. For many years, The Anchorage Hotel served as the city’s primary meeting and gathering place, and at one time, it was the only place in the new city where you could enjoy a meal served on fine china with linen and silver.

For dignitaries and celebrities traveling to the new territory of Alaska, The Anchorage Hotel was the premier place to stay. Will Rogers and Wiley Post stayed with us just two days before their fateful flight to Barrow. Famous mountain man Bob Marshall stayed here as well. Perhaps the most notable guest of The Anchorage Hotel, however, was famous artist Sydney Laurence. Many of Mr. Laurence's years in Alaska were spent painting in his studio, which was located in the hotel lobby, while he lived in an upstairs apartment. Mr. Laurence is most remembered for his beautiful paintings of Mount McKinley and Alaska's scenery.

Over time, the original downtown Anchorage Hotel structure was sold and eventually torn down. Later, the hotel became neglected and fell into disrepair. In 1989 new owners breathed new life into the hotel to restore it to its former glory. Today, the Historic Anchorage Hotel stands today as an important part of the city's heritage and a strong part of her future.

The Hauntings

The hauntings, no doubt, follow it's the rich history, and the hotel has no issue sharing this colorful past. Don't be surprised to hear the curtains rumbling, shower curtains swaying, pictures flying! This adds to the special flavor of amenities this pearl offers its guests! In fact, the staff keeps a "log" of haunted sitings and experiences!

Stories of activity at the hotel may stem from the death of Anchorage’s first Chief of Police, Jack Sturgus. On February 20, 1921, at 9:15 in the evening, he was found shot in the back with a bullet from his own gun. This happened steps away from The Historic Anchorage Hotel. It is said that his spirit returns to the scene of his death each year, seeking answers to his unsolved murder. It is rumored that his ghost returns to the scene of the crime each year, haunting the location of his untimely death and seeking justice for a crime still unsolved to this day.

In addition to the ghost of Jack Sturges, past guests have seen several different specters make their way through our halls and facilities. Folks have reported seeing a phantom of a bride. People have seen her silhouette appear in dark hallways and mirrors throughout the hotel.

The other one is a ghost of a little boy who could be the young son of the first owner of the hotel who used to pick up luggage at the railroad station for the guests.

Want a sure bet of supernatural suspense? Ask for Rooms 202, 205, 215, and 217 to secure a most active supernatural experience! For instance, a guest in Room 202 once reported that someone (thing) was "pranking them by tapping on the door and then running away." He then heard a couple of children giggling. There were no children in the house.

Spooky? Yes, indeed!

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