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Manresa Castle Hotel

Manresa Castle Hotel

651 Cleveland Street
Port Townsend, Washington
98368 USA

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Port Townsend, WA is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, Manresa Castle Hotel. Come explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The History

The Castle was completed in 1892 as the home of Charles and Kate Eisenbeis. Mr. Eisenbeis was a prominent member of the Port Townsend business community. His business interests included a bakery, brickworks, lumber mill, brewery, bank, and a hotel. In 1878, Eisenbeis was elected to be the town's first mayor. They built the largest private residence ever built in Port Townsend, consisting of 30 rooms. Locals referred to the building as the "Eisenbeis Castle." Charles died in 1902 and Kate remarried a few years later and the Castle was left empty for almost 20 years.

In 1925, a Seattle attorney bought the Castle as a vacation place for nuns teaching in Seattle schools. Jesuit priests purchased the building for use as a training college in 1927. A large wing housing a chapel and sleeping rooms were added the next year. They named the complex "Manresa Hall" after the town in Spain where their order was founded.

The Jesuits left in 1968 and the building was converted into a hotel. The elements "Manresa" and "Castle" were taken from the two previous owners to create the current name.

The property has been burdened with much tragedy that has occurred here throughout the year. There are stories on several web sources of women who find themselves pregnant, or just alone, who wind up killing themselves when they feel their beloved has abandoned them, or their beloved is thought to have been killed. Men also have killed themselves over a lost love.

  • Father John Alden Murphy, during the Jesuit period, accidentally drowned in the nearby Puget Sound. There is also the story of Kate, an English traveler. You will find her picture hanging on the walls of the castle. In 1921, she came to Manresa Castle from the UK. She was waiting for her lover to return from the sea. Tragedy followed when her beloved's ship sunk and presumed to have no survivors. Distraught, she killed herself by jumping out the window in room 306. However, she died in vain. It was learned later that he did survive and was picked up by a passing boat.
  • There is another suicide that has been told by many locals. A young training Jesuit priest had an affair with a nun residing in the town. When he was caught, he was shamed by the community leading to his self-destruction, hanging himself from the attic's rafters. It is located right above 302.
  • There is a third related suicide but not committed within the hotel. Charles son, Charles Jr., killed himself in the basement of the Baker building on September 29, 1897. Many believed he was not able to further face the failures of his business.

The Hauntings

This majestic castle hotel is extremely active supernaturally. There are general common manifestations that can be found throughout this space. Doors will open and close by themselves. Lights will also turn on and off by unseen hands. Unexplained spurts of air can be felt off the shoulders of people walking down the hallways. Wish to stay in the most haunted rooms? Ask for either Room 302, 304, and 306, for they have shown to be the most paranormally busy. 

There are several hotspots probably related to the tragedies listed above. An EVP of a male voice was caught saying, "I am not here." Mediums feel an energy present in the center of the attic. From the attic, where the young student priest committed suicide, guests have reported hearing footsteps walking in the attic space above room 302. In fact, the entire third floor is said to be haunted. Inside Room 306, a female phantom of Kate has been experienced. An apparition of a gal with long flowing dark hair is seen wearing a white gown. Her apparition is seen standing by the window where she has been noted have leaped to her death. At times, she has been known to sit on the bed when the guests are in it. She likes to arrange and disarrange belongings in the room. Sometimes she will leave the dresser drawer open. Some have heard her singing in the bathroom in the middle of the night as guests are sleeping.

The dining room is another center point for the haunted. The apparition of another female thought to be Kate Eisenbeis (wife of Charles, original builder) has been caught on a digital image. She is sitting in the dining room in a long Victorian gown. An EVP of a female spirit has also been captured in this space, speaking German.

The banquet hall used to be the Jesuit's former Chapel. Some believe that either Charles Eisenbels or Father Murphy or not pleased to see the chapel having been converted to a festivity space. Glasses that have been properly placed on tabled are found upside down. Sometimes they will be shattered with no explanation. A feeling of being observed constantly is shared by the staff. Psychic mediums have felt a strong presence here that will not retire.

This property has been featured on Ghost Adventures, Haunted History, and My Ghost Story and participated in the 2018's World's Largest Ghost Hunt.

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