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Prospect Place Estate

Prospect Place Estate

12150 Main Street
Trinway, Ohio
43842 USA

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Trinway, OH is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, Prospect Place Estate. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

Per the Travel Channel, "Slavery was an issue long before the Civil War made the dividing lines of the United States more prominent. Ohio was a free state, but there were still plenty of battles fought in the state's small towns. Prospect Place Mansion was many times the battleground for good versus evil in the war's constant struggles for freedom." It's history reflects the impact on the restless souls that still remain there.

Although Ohio was a free state, this didn't mean the slaves were safe here as they passed through. The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 made it legal for bounty hunters to capture runaway slaves here and return them to the South. It was also illegal to harbor slaves, a risk that one of the mansion's former living inhabitants, George Adams, was willing to take every time he opened his home to fleeing slaves.

In the late 1850s, an angry bounty hunter came to the house and demanded that George release the slaves he harbored on his land. George's ranch hands came to protect their boss and the bounty hunter skulked away. According to family legend, these same loyal ranch hands followed the bounty hunter to his camp and abducted him. They brought him back to the barn and hung him there for his crimes against freedom and humanity. Today his angry spirit lurks in the barn, occasionally lashing out at visitors when provoked.

The slaves who came to Prospect Place were dodging dangerous bounty hunters and many were injured when they arrived. Some of these slaves died from shotgun blasts or wounds from animal attacks. Their journey to freedom was cut short in the safe haven of George's basement, and their spirits still haunt the place today.

There is one slave spirit that is particularly active. Legends point to a slave who experienced an injury to the head area on her way here. Despite attempts at the Adams' home help her, but she passed away. Her spirit remains there, specifically in the basement area. Considered to be a friendly spirit, today looking after and protecting the home.

Many who have had incredible experience with her phantom have said that she almost seems like a happy spirit. Could she be experiencing her peace and freedom in her after life which, sadly, she never had when she was earthbound?

Later on, darkness followed with some of the inhabitants in this property. Satanic Rituals were allegedly performed on the site, delivery some questionable and malicious entities. For all these reasons, the property has drawn much attention from the media.

It was investigated on the TV series Ghost Adventures.

This property was featured on the 2018's World's Largest Ghost Hunt, as investigated by the Newark Paranormal Society

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