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1858 Garnett House Hotel

1858 Garnett House Hotel

202 W 4th Ave, Garnett, KS
Garnett, Kansas
66032 USA

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Garnett, KS is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, 1858 Garnett House Hotel.  Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.


The Garnett House was built in 1858 by D.W. Houston and was opened as a hotel by Hiram Tefft in the fall of that year. The building sits at the corner of Fourth Avenue and Walnut in the town of Garnett, Kansas. The building was the first hotel in town and had several additions built onto the building. It was said that Mrs. Houston refused to move into the original building due to it’s swaying in the breeze. The hotel became known as The Garnett House and also the Lighthouse Hotel due to it’s bright lantern on the top floor which could be seen for miles at that time. It is the only surviving antebellum structure in the town of Garnett, Kansas.

As a hotel, the building has been a witness and a participant to many events in it’s near 160-year history, including a participant in the Underground Railroad. During the time known as “Bleeding Kansas”, it is said that the famous Abolitionist John Brown hid escaped slaves in the attic of the home. This is said to have happened around 1859 just prior to the American Civil War.

During the 1870s, the town of Garnett became a crossroads of cowboys, settlers headed West and citizens. It literally became the scene out of the Old West with saloons, brothels, and gunfights in the streets. It was during this time that the hotel hosted some of it’s most famous guests.

The guest list includes famous lawmen Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, and Wild Bill Hickock. It also includes famous scout Buffalo Bill Cody who was traveling with Hickock at the time. Belle Starr the famous female cowboy shooter was also a guest of the hotel. The famous outlaw Jesse James was also rumored to have stayed here under one of his many aliases.

After this time, the hotel eventually became a private residence once larger and more modern hotels began to appear in the town of Garnett. In the early 1950s, the building became the Doctor’s Office of Dr. Robert Stevens and his wife Dr. Julius-Stevens. They treated patients in the old hotel up until the 21st Century.  

Every mystical place has its tales. There is a story of a woman poisoning her husband with rabbit poison, and how she was imprisoned in the Garnett house before being rescued.

Could this rich history, tainted with emotionally driven episodes in time lead drive the phantoms to speak here?



Screams in the night have been heard on EVP recordings have been pulled from digital recordings at the Haunted Garnett House. One of the most disturbing elements of these screams is that they appear to come from a child. Who this child is, and what this child need remains to be known. However, these screams are far from a one-time occurrence.

Are the creeks in the attic just normal shifting of the building or the ghosts of the slaves that were hidden by abolitionist John Brown? Or perhaps Jessie James, which many have concluded from paranormal investigations.

The Garnett hotel has been investigated many times. The current owners are very interested in preserving the precious history that this old inn, that continues to be a guiding-light inn, holds beneath its walls. 


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