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La Fonda on the Plaza

La Fonda on the Plaza

100 E. San Francisco Street
Santa Fe, New Mexico
87501 USA

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Santa Fe, NM is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, La Fonda on the Plaza. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The History

The La Fonda Hotel opened in 1922 by Fred Harvey. However, its original hospitality roots go back several centuries. Official city records show that this beautiful hotel was actually built on the same exact site of the city's first inn in 1607, the same year the Spaniards found the city. Not only was this the first inn established in this vibrant city, but many would also say it is the oldest hotel corner in America!

In 1821, Captain William Becknell and his party found their way to the La Fonda during the maiden commercial route across the plains from Missouri, establishing the Santa Fe Trail as well as La Fonda's reputation for hospitality.

Throughout the 19th century, La Fonda quickly became the preferred lodging option among trappers, soldiers, gold seekers, gamblers, and politicians. The adobe structure changed hands several times as the years progressed, enduring milestones such as the Civil War, railroad expansion, and New Mexico statehood while maintaining its status as a Santa Fe landmark.

Perched on land that has sustained violent gunfights and public hangings, there is no wonder that it is one of the most haunted in the State of New Mexico, if not, in America.

The Hauntings

Yes, this place has held centuries of spectral energies! There is a story of an unsuccessful salesman that just gave up his trade and life at the hotel. He committed suicide by jumping into the hotel's well. The well is inside what is now the hotel's restaurant, La Plazuela. People have reported a phantom appearing before them, then approaches the location of where the old well used to be and then appears to jump into the floor before disappearing.

There is also a phantasmic story of Judge John P. Slough. One time a guest, after enduring hours of footsteps walking back and forth late into the night, called the front desk to report his inability to fall asleep peacefully. The hotel sent an employee to check out the situation. When he arrived near the guest's room, he saw a man in a long, black coat walk into a stairwell and suddenly disappeared. Many say this could be the phantom of Honorable John P. Slough.

History has chronicled that the Judge that in 1867 got into a deadly argument in the hotel's lobby with a member of the Territorial Legislature of the county. His signature descriptor was a long black coat. Numerous guests have reported seeing his ghostly apparition lurking the hallways and, of course, lobby.

These two strong phantoms are not the only supernatural presence at this 400-year-old hotel. For you see, there are tales about ghosts of a murdered bride and a cowboy are some of the other spectral residents that booked an eternal stay at the La Fonda.

The ghost of the young bride still has a strong presence at the Hotel. She was murdered on her wedding night by an ex-lover. To have an opportunity to mingle with her, ask for Room 510 which is the wedding suite. She is known to make her presence known there. She also hangs out at the lobby, an elevator, and in the basement.

On the other hand, the phantom of the cowboy that prefers to linger around the bar, as most usually do. Although a housekeeper once saw the outline o someone lying under the covers in the bed of an unoccupied room. But when she pulled back the sheets, no one was there! From the description she reported, it appears the cowboy was just taking a nap.

Do come for the ghosts, but stay for the incredible Pueblo-style architecture with the colorful tiles, breathtaking hand-crafted chandeliers, and thick wooden beams. We do suggest though, to sleep with the lights on.


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