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Alcatraz Federal Prison

Alcatraz Federal Prison

San Francisco, California
94133 USA

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San Francisco, CA is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, Alcatraz Federal Prison. Come explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.


Located in the San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz Island and Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary has a long and varied history. In 1775, a Spanish explorer mapped and named the island. 

President Millard Filmore ordered the island reserved for military use in 1850. A fortress was constructed and cannons were installed to protect San Francisco Bay. It was also during this time, Alcatraz became home to the West Coast’s first operational lighthouse. The U.S. Army began housing military prisoners at Alcatraz by the late 1850s. 

During the early 1900s, inmate labor was used to construct a new cell house, a hospital, mess hall and other prison buildings. The federal prison on Alcatraz Island housed some of America’s most dangerous felons during its years of operation from 1934 to 1963, including Al “Scarface” Capone, murderer Robert “Birdman of Alcatraz” Stroud and George “Machine Gun” Kelly. 

The prison was shut down in 1963 due to high operating costs and the island was occupied by a group of Native-American activists in 1969 and lasting for almost two years. Today, historic Alcatraz Island is a popular tourist destination.  


The officials of Alcatraz have publicly dismissed the reports of ghosts at Alcatraz as nonsense and deny their existence, but that does not explain all the stories that come from former inmates, guards and visitors. 

It is said that Al Capone makes his presence known with his disembodied whispers, apparitions and even the sound of him playing the banjo. Banjo music is heard coming from his former cell and in the shower room.

Reports of disembodied whispers, mysterious cold spots, slamming doors, moaning, unexplained footsteps, screams, a woman crying, strange music, floating lights, clanking chains, and apparitions are experienced on The Rock. 

This property was featured on a variety of paranormal television shows, including on episodes of Ghost Adventures, Ghost Lab, Dead Files, Scariest Places on Earth and Ghost Hunters.


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Date added: Jan/24/2017 | Last time updated: Mar/26/2020
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