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Philadelphia Zoo

Philadelphia Zoo

3400 W Girard Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
19104 USA

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Philadelphia, PA is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, Philadelphia Zoo. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The historic Philadelphia Zoo is America’s oldest zoo, and was opened in 1874 (after delays caused by the Civil War). Today, it is considered very haunted and is sought out by many paranormal enthusiasts. One of the big reasons why it is believed to be inhabited by so many ghosts is that it was thought to have been built on a Native American burial ground. Reports of ghostly activity by zoo staff over the years include partial and full bodied apparitions, as well as black shadow-forms seen roaming the grounds.

All of this reported ghostly activity was enough to entice the TAPS team from the TV show Ghost Hunters to investigate there in 2010. They investigated three primary locations within the zoo, and had significant results from each spot. The Solitude House, which was built by John Penn in 1784 was their first stop. This is where reptiles were housed, and it had a system of tunnels underneath. The team captured the voice of a male spirit and some humming sounds in the basement, and music and voices while in the tunnels. From above, they could hear a door slamming and unexplained footsteps. The next stop was in the Penrose Building, formerly housing a vet hospital and research lab. Paranormal activity found here was in the form of flashing lights, a woman’s apparition in the library window, and an area that was unusually cold. The Shelley Building was the last stop, where the investigation noted the sound of a slamming door and some banging.

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