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Amityville House

Amityville House

Amityville, New York
11701 USA

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Amityville, NY is home to one of the most haunted places the world, Amityville Horror House Come explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys. Fair Warning. This location is on private property, and should be respected. Our listing is for informational purposes only. Please do not attempt visit without direct and consensual permission from the property owner. Undoubtedly the country’s most infamous haunted house, 112 Ocean Avenue has been the subject of numerous books, Hollywood films, as well as documentaries. The hauntings experienced by the Lutz family were documented to be intensive, who moved here right after the DeFeo murders. Ronald J. Defeo, a 23-year-old, slaughtered his parents and four siblings as they slept in this modest five-bedroom house in the small town of Amityville, Long Island. The house remained empty for 13 months when eventually it was snatched up by the Lutz family, at a steal of $80,000, because of its dark history. Hauntings included moving objects, attacks, levitation, and demonic apparitions. They also witnessed slime oozing from walls, and apparitions of a pig-like creature in the house. They also witnessed an entity staring at them from their upstairs window when they were outside. There are questions about the validity of their tales, since they were experience considerable financial debt. Many saw them as opportunist of a great American Haunted Story. The truth about the Amityville Horror House may never be known. One of the Lutz’s children, Daniel, lives in Queens NY and claims he still has nightmare about the house to this day. There have been four owners since the murders, most recently selling in 2016 at a bit over $600K, $200K less than the original asking price. In order to reduce some of the ghost hunting enthusiasts inspired traffic, one of the previous owners had the address changed from 112 Ocean Ave to 108 Ocean Ave, but it will always be known as America’s most haunted home. Today it sits as a private residence, so we ask for the property and their owners to be respectful with no trespassing.
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Understand This: This property, as part of our network, has been added for they may have history, validation or folk tales of having spirited activities. Please take caution in approaching and visiting these locations, since courtesy, respect and caution should be top priority in every Haunted Investigator's style. Also do realize, some of these places may have permanently closed, changed ownership and/or names, or just are not available for your visits. Please respect this. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided on this listing, but offer it as a first step in finding your next haunted travel destination. Please do confirm with the property before making any plans to visit. If you visit, tour or investigate this property (or any of our properties), we are not responsible or held liable for any outcomes, lack of evidence or injuries associated with your travels. This is only for entertainment purposes, and information provided is only as found in public domains (or as offered by the associated contributor (as a claimed property). For more information, please read our TERMS OF SERVICE (linked below).
Date added: Jan/24/2017 | Last time updated: Jul/14/2019
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