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Old South Pittsburg Hospital

Old South Pittsburg Hospital

South Pittsburg, Tennessee
37380 USA

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Pittsburg, TN is home to one of the most haunted locations in the state, Old South Pittsburg Hospital. Come explore its spooky offerings with Haunted Journeys.


In 1959, four medical professionals founded the facility and named it the "South Pittsburg Municipal Hospital" or "SPMH" for short. It consisted of a total of 68,000 sq ft and was designed to meet the medical care needs of the growing community. Many additions to the hospital were constructed throughout the next several decades. Many lawsuits, wrongful deaths, child abuse deaths, and many tragic deaths due to fatal illnesses occurred. To appreciate the paranormal activity associated with this haunted hospital, it is essential to learn about the history of the land where the facility stands. Two of the most distinctive geological characteristics about the property is that there is a natural-based spring that runs underneath the hospital and runs into a well from a former plantation. It is because of this natural spring that many individuals throughout history were attracted to the area. The second is that the hospital today sits on solid limestone. It is believed that running water acts like a natural battery and in combination with the limestone, it gives spirits the energy to manifest. Old South Pittsburg Hospital closed in 1998 because a new hospital being built. 


Throughout the history of the hospital, various types of paranormal activity have been reported. Many think the hauntings are related to the land where the hospital is located. Others believe the activity stems from the injuries, illnesses, and deaths that occurred while the Old South Pittsburg Hospital serviced the community.  

There was a tragic fire at the plantation that stood on the property in the 1920s. Seven children lost their lives in the fire. Employees that worked at this hospital said it was not uncommon to see medicine carts, hospital beds, wheelchairs, and other items moving on their own. Individuals on overnight ghost hunting adventures have also observed this phenomenon. Nurses claimed to see dark shadowy figures in the corridors and rooms late at night when patients were not in the halls. 

On the third floor of this haunted hospital, many have reported seeing a shadow figure of a man approximately seven feet in height that they believe to be a surgeon who worked at the facility. Some say that this spirit tells them to get out and/or leave the premises. 

There is a female spirit in the basement of the hospital that many refer to as the "Naughty Nurse." This female seems to touch individuals inappropriately and whispers sweet nothings in the ears of those that visit the basement. Some have experienced a protective soul that was a janitor named James that died in the '60s. He was from Louisiana, and of Cajun descent. Some have heard him pacing or whistling. Last but not least, a child may be seen or heard in the basement region of the haunted hospital as well. 

Old South Pittsburgh Hospital was featured in the 2019 World's Largest Ghost Hunt (http://www.nationalghosthuntingday.com/)




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