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The Bellaire House

The Bellaire House

1699 Belmont Street
Bellaire, Ohio
43906 USA

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The Bellaire House, built in 1904, is considered one of the most haunted properties in Ohio. It is run as an ongoing paranormal research center, opening it's doors for stay overs, investigations and special events. The original owner of the house, Jacob Heatherington, owned a coal mine that ran directly beneath the property. Legend has it that when Heatherington's daughter, Eliza, died in the dining room, her brother Edwin became obsessed with trying to reach her beyond the grave. Edwin allegedly summoned mediums to the house and may have unlocked multiple portals to the other side, letting spirits in.

The current owner, Kristen Lee, originally had this as her primary residence. She claims to have experienced unseen forces, strange voices and footsteps. She fled with her family after her dog was flung against the wall and she was pinned down. This was enough to seek out other options to calling this her home.

Bellaire House has been featured on TLC's Paranormal Lockdown. Created your own experience! The Bellaire House is haunted and very open to ongoing paranormal research.

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Date added: Mar/03/2019 | Last time updated: Mar/05/2019
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