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Brownella Cottage

Brownella Cottage

132 S Union Street
Galion, Ohio
44833 USA

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The Brownella Cottage was originally built by Bishop William Montgomery Brown (1855-1937), as his home after being convicted for his heretical teachings. Bishop Brown was known as the “Bad Bishop” of the Episcopal Church. He was the first Episcopal Bishop to be tried for heresy since the Reformation. Subsequently, a tragic life followed. Historically, Bishop Brown was the first bishop of any denomination to be convicted for such activity. After Bishop Brown was deposed, he was later accepted into the Old Catholic Church and became a bishop within that denomination.

The haunts of Brownella Cottage reflect the intensity of Bishop Brown's life. Many nights, electronic voice phenomenons (EVPs) can be caught with clear distinction as is witnessed by ghost troupes that come to visit. Shadow figures come and go throughout the complex. You might even capture these ghost figures on your camera or video. There are many layers to the ghostly visitations at Brownella Cottage, some being passing spirits of a possible train accident that occurred in Galion, some may be visitors to the church, carriage house, chapel or study, and others are unknown and still a mystery.

What is known for sure is that Bishop and Ella Bradford Brown still linger in this, their home, along with Mary Scranton Bradford and many other spirits.

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Date added: Mar/04/2019 | Last time updated: Mar/05/2019
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